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2011.02.02, 04:21 PM
right im not sure it belongs here and im sorry if not please move,

im looking to find out what i need to run these micro tiny led's on the voltage mini-z runs

these are the ones im looking to buy ULTRA BRIGHT BLUE 0603 SMD LEDs SMT LED 110mcd on eBay

im looking to make a display case but a little model on the side for my tv unit so im looking to put these inside as lights

what i need to find out is what resistors and capacitors are needed and how to run them as im going to need to run 2 red lights and 2 blue/white lights

so could anybody help me out ?

thanks alot dom

2011.02.03, 09:22 PM
this is the general info -

When wiring an LED you have three options
a) wire each LED single with its own resistor
b) wire multiple LED's in Series with a single resistor
c) wire multiple LED's in Parallel with a single resistor

as for computing the value of the resistor... it would depend on the input voltage and the specs requirements of the LED that you will use.

maybe you will get some info from this - http://metku.net/index.html?sect=view&n=1&path=mods/ledcalc/index_eng

2011.02.04, 05:12 AM
well i was going to run some on a mini-z awd and also some on a model car 3volt watch battery's