View Full Version : Using same Tranny for Mini Z and Dnano

2011.02.05, 06:40 AM
Is it possible for me to use the 2.4ghz tranny on both dnano and mini-z by simply re-binding?

2011.02.05, 08:21 AM
Absolutely. I use the same Tx for dNaNo, Mini-Z, F1...my entire stable! You just have to bind each vehicle once and then you're all set - no re-binding! :)

2011.02.05, 08:58 AM
Once you bind them both you can even drive them at the same time with 1 tranny :)

2011.02.05, 09:11 AM
Hehe, an important subtlety that I failed to point out! :D

2011.02.05, 09:13 AM
I always wondered how well this would work, like if you had 2 side by side identical tracks and placed both cars at the same spot and tried to get around the track. Im sure it would be hard because they would both slide differently and get off line but if driven slowly it should work.

2011.02.05, 12:22 PM
Thanks Guys, that's great. Save me some money then:-)