View Full Version : Losi 1/36 scale Micro T with Steering Gyro Assist for stability

2011.02.05, 09:59 PM
Here is another mod - A 1/36 scale gyro steering assisted Losi Micro T. I had to add the gyro to assist the car on the drag runs specially with a free running rear differential where on uneven road surface, the wheels tend to bounce and rotate at different speeds (due to its diff mechanism). The gyro will simply make the necessary heading corrections keeping the drag runs straight :p

To mount the gyro, i simply need to use the available space where the power switch is. Switch was removed as i am using a different ESC (brushless) which doesnt require a power switch. That compartment space is actually the best protective spot for the gyro sensor;


with the servo cover trimmed and re-attached and secured with three screws;


Gyro neatly mounted and secured with the murata sensor perpendicular to the car's horizontal plane;


With the rest of the electronics in place (2.4Ghz rx and 10A Brushless ESC)


Here is a quick glance of the murata gyro sensor through the switch hole. The gyro sensor tin cover must be secured.That actually easily comes off if its not secured;


Checking if the weight distribution is still ok. It will be - as the added electronics barely induce any significant weight on the entire platform.



Desk top tests, and gyro gain adjustments;


Outdoor drag run (take note of the stability)


Rough road tests - simply driving straight (ignore the crashes :D)