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2011.02.06, 07:46 PM
anyone have opinions of the this R246 front end?

R246-1341 インディビジュアルオイルダンパー MR-03用

2011.02.07, 12:49 AM
I like the idea, but dont know if I like the alloy shocks. They tend to leak more than the plastic, and are heavier. I do like their implementation of the sway bar... Might have to try it out with RR reverse kingpin or long kingpin without the shocks and compare to with the shocks and no springs on the kingpins...

2011.02.07, 02:37 AM
nice catch... looks pretty cool... will have to see how it performs...

2011.02.07, 04:38 AM
lets see who's the 1st to post review here :D

2011.02.07, 10:00 AM
I caught a picture of this a month or two ago and thought it looked reaaaally cool. I dunno how much of an improvement in performance it can offer but I'm really tempted to pick one up just to look at it :p

When I saw it before I couldn't find a price anywhere...30 dollars is actually less that I was expecting.

2011.02.07, 01:53 PM
Yes, visually very exciting, but will be interested to see performance. Plus they'll have to do a red one for it to go on my car... :D

2011.02.14, 05:37 PM
Yes, visually very exciting, but will be interested to see performance. Plus they'll have to do a red one for it to go on my car... :D

I expect to be informed of the US price point the moment you know, I'll definitely buy it if it's 40 or less, I'll think about it for a bit if it's 60 or less.

Current exchange rate says it SHOULD be 36ish but...we'll see on that one >_>

2011.02.14, 08:16 PM
Having the option 2 more then just spring rates is awesome. Especially being able 2 use different shock oils and sway bars 4 finer tuning is great. And not having 2 use grease or oils on king pins and having 2 keep that clean and working smooth is great. But I have 2 agree that if the shocks r prune 2 leaking, then its not going 2 be worth it. But I think its worth a try. Come on, the PN A arm front end is 85 bucks without the option springs. But of coarse the PN and the reflex front ends have adjustable camber and caster which will probably make them a better set up. But opinions vary.

ocean rodeo
2011.02.14, 08:21 PM
As long as the bladders are of good quality good in those shocks they should be leak free. I'm assuming they are due to the upside down mounting.

ocean rodeo
2011.02.14, 08:25 PM
I also wonder if they will include different pre-load clips too.

2011.02.14, 08:34 PM
Good question.

2011.02.15, 06:29 AM
These have been really hard to get even in Japan. A shipment from the factory came in 2 weeks ago and they're all sold out again. I lucked upon finding one in a shop and bought it just because they're rare. Cost 2,300 yen.

I've installed it on sc430 on an mr-03 replacing an inner tube damper set. There needs to be lots of room under the hood for this to fit. Won't fit under any LM bodies including the Nissan R390. The track is carpet.

The roll bar implementation sucks. It does not work as expected. There is too much slop in the receivers. Compressing one side has no effect on the other.

The dampers look real nice and have only decent build quality. The plastic ends are poorly molded. They're also a bit of a pain to fill with silicone grease as they come empty and they're really small.

As for performance, the jury is still out but I'm really leaning towards favoring the inner tube damper set. I'm not giving up on the individual damper set yet, but the poor molding of the plastic parts does not inspire much hope. Grip did not noticeable change compared to the inner tube dampers. I'm inclined to say that there was less grip overall, but that could be due to the geometry change. The individual dampers give about 1 degree POSITIVE camber. I was already using 1 degree knuckles so the result was about 0 degrees of total camber. Steering response was about the same but maybe a little sharper.

This is the worst R246 product I've seen. All the plastic parts have molding flash still attached, precision is poor and there's a lot of slop. A bit disappointing. Everything else from R246 is high quality so this was a shock.

I don't know... they look really really cool. I like that. They do provide front damping, which is a relief considering how much I'm bashing how poorly they're made. So I'm not going to set any RSS feeds on shops or scour the greater Tokyo metropolitan area trying to track another set down, but they are far from a waste of money. Given a choice between the 1,700 yen inner tube damper set and this 2,300 yen individual damper set, I'd put the purchase down to how much you care about looks. And it looks so good that if I was in a store that had both in stock I might get the individual dampers despite the technical shortcomings.

To address question:

Comes with 3 sets of springs, no preload clips, no threaded spring perches.

The aluminum shock housings seem well made and don't look like they'll leak. It only fits like a drop of silicone grease and the stroke is only about 4mm. Is less messy than inner tube damper set.

2011.02.15, 07:25 AM
It only fits like a drop of silicone grease and the stroke is only about 4mm. Is less messy than inner tube damper set.

Thanks for the info on this new product. A little off topic, but what brand/weight of silicone grease did you try in the R246 product? And what were you using in the Kyosho inner tube damper set?

2011.02.16, 01:28 AM
200 grade silicone in both

As an update:

I think 2 or even 3 degree knuckles are needed. After running a bunch more laps on broken in tires the wear is mostly on the outside edges. Mid corner steering was a bit funky too, no thanks to the useless rollbar not limiting roll. The rear of the RM SC430 (R246 RML mount that has the motor laying flat) would not break loose even with deliberate mid-corner trigger mashing, so I'll conclude that a straight installation without tuning will result in major understeer.

1 degree knuckles might get you back to 0 degree total camber but on the track I run on more static camber is needed. I don't think long kingpins with spacers on top of the knuckles would work well because of the limited stroke of the shock (inner tube dampers are worse in this respect).

I still contend that all the plastic bits are poorly made, and the rollbar is crap, but I'll soften my stance a bit. The dampers provided a lot of stability on corner exit, which was nice. But this could have been due to less static camber.

So for me anyway, the total outlay is going to be 2,300 yen for the dampers and another 1,500 yen for a set of knuckles that will only be useful for the damper set. Considering this it's a bit expensive. Blue knuckles and the blue dampers will look really really nice though, so if you have enough coin then why not?

2011.02.20, 03:43 AM
Update from today's session:

Installed some 3 degree knuckles and this seemed to fix all the mid-corner problems. Turn in didn't seem to suffer and exit stability was also good. I'll leave this setup in for the foreseeable future. I've completely ditched the roll bar.

So if you plan on using these you should at least have 2 degree knuckles ready.

The upper mount also induces quite a bit of caster, something like 2 degrees. It is reversible so the other way around will induce less caster but still not completely upright, 0.6 degrees?

Also just remembered something that might turn some people off: Installation requires drilling (or stripping) out the body clip mounting holes on the chassis. This makes reverting to another front setup a bit complicated...
The body clip screws then screw into the shock lower mount plate that replaces the stock spring retainer.

Stock in shops seems to have stabilized. The two shops I went to today had them available despite Saturday being a day that usually drains stock in most shops.