View Full Version : MC3 stickers now available!

2011.02.07, 02:56 PM
Hot off the press, MC3 now has stickers to put on your mini-z car. These stickers have all the variations of the MC3 logo as well as some additional logos from the manufacturers we carry such as Kyosho, R246, Reflex Racing, PN, Atomic, KO Propo, etc...

Come to the shop to check it out- each sheet is only $5.

2011.02.08, 10:08 PM
check out the attached to see a sample.

Sorry...Just checked out the attached and it is slightly old version, but it will do to get the idea. I added in R246 and some other little things.

2011.02.09, 01:20 PM
no love for mzr huh;) what size will these be printed? what materials? sorry, have not visited the shop to see the listing.