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2011.02.09, 08:50 AM
i run a 962 porsche body on my 03lm car.i want to buy a extra body for the car and notice it is sold white in 2 diffrent versions.a 301 and 302.does any one know the diffrence?

2011.02.09, 08:55 AM
the KH(302) body is the best of all the LM bodies once the nose is re inforced.

2011.02.09, 10:14 AM
the difference is in the rear wing. not sure which is which but one has a taller rear wing. personally when we ran these bodies i liked the shorter winged version. but my personal preference is for the mazda body over the 962. i really like the c9 over both but the c9 has clearance problems with the diff.

2011.02.09, 10:29 AM
I think the KH is a little shorter from nose to tail too.

2011.02.09, 10:45 AM
I've found the KH to be a little more stable, as well. I always remove the wing supports and just glue the edges of the wings to the sides. Also, reinforce the front by adding expoxy behind the lights and adding a plastic plate to under the front leading edge. They are very fragile in stock form.

2011.02.10, 08:06 AM
do you guys recommend the plastic bumpers sold specificaly for the 962 or do you make your own bumper?when i bought the car the body it came with is the light blue(leighton house)car.any body know if this would be 301 or 302?

2011.02.10, 08:38 AM
Leyton house is a 302. The Kyosho bumpers are expensive and questionable. Atomic makes a small but incredibly strong carbon fiber unit that will take a serious hit. The best method though for any of the 962 bodies is to use a foaming glue like Gorilla a little bit at a time to build up a base. Once that is done you can dremel out the excess for tire clearance and have a truly solid body without adding too much weight. Just be extremely careful in keeping the glue out of the body slot as it is a serious PITA to clean out.

2011.02.10, 09:42 AM
alright thanks for the info!!

2011.02.10, 11:28 PM
The Kyosho bumpers are expensive and heavy, but they are very strong. I don't hesitate to recommend them.

I use them on two 962s and on an Enzo. The track I run at has wood barriers with little padding. Even crashes into the barriers at the end of the long straight does not damage them.