View Full Version : Hit a wall hard = no throttle?

2011.02.09, 04:58 PM
I've feen finding that on one of my MR-03s it will somewhat randomly kill the throttle when I hit a rail. I switch it off and on and no throttle. Steering still works fine. Sometimes a few power cycles gets the throttle to come back. Currently it's completely dead and I can't get throttle back at all. What could be causing this? Again - steering works fine.

2011.02.09, 05:02 PM
Motor brushes sticking. Give it throttle and manually roll the rear wheels against something.

2011.02.09, 05:10 PM
We've had that problem on a couple of our hire 03'2. Best bet is to just change the motor.

2011.02.09, 05:36 PM
Check for loose motor wire to board connection ;)

2011.02.09, 05:56 PM
We had a guy last week with the same issue, the end bell on his motor starded to come off. He pushed it back on and bent the tabs back down.

2011.02.09, 06:08 PM
mine have done the same a few times. but i have always found it to just be the motor wires not secured well on the board. they would be as tight as you could get them but still not good enough. now all my motor wires are soldered to the board and have had no issues since.

2011.02.09, 06:37 PM
just replace the motor. mine did the same thing when I hit the wall full throttle

2011.02.09, 06:59 PM
Make sure the batteries are secure in the clips. I pry-out the negative tabs on the battery tray clips to make sure there's good pressure on the cells when in the chassis. Try also using a non-modded side batt clips (With both top-chassis hinge joints attached, not cut like the MR02 batt clips we use to mod); Also, put a piece of tape on the underside of the battery clipsso that when you clip the clips on they push hard against the cells to keep 'em in place. Try this andd lmk if the problem still persists dvs:)

2011.02.09, 07:08 PM
Aack! I hope it's not the motor. It's one of CT's custom stock motors with the full blue printing service. And it is insanely fast for a 70t!

I'll give all of your suggestions a try. I think it might be the battery tabs as one of them is a little bent-in.

2011.02.10, 05:44 AM
no it was the motor. something let go in it. the car works fine it was just the motor that was all.