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chris b
2011.02.10, 01:52 PM
Hi, I have only been running mini-z's for about 12 months & just upgraded to an 03.
I have fitted an ally rear pod, friction plate (no shock fitted but I have one) and a PN light weight diff, I am running on RCP track (HFAY) using kyosho 30 slick front & 20 slick rears on 21.5mm wheels.

I can run the car for a number of laps with no probs but if I brush/hit;) the barrier the handling of the car changes, only slightly but certanly differently enough so it takes another couple of laps to get used to it (that is if I dont hit another barrier)

Any ideas? (apart from dont hit the barrier:D)

Thanks in advance

Chris Bottle

2011.02.10, 01:56 PM
make sure nothing is binding or causing tweak, maybe your motor wires are hitting the body or the damper, is everything moving smoothly in the rear suspension?
Are you running the correct offsets for your body?

2011.02.10, 02:07 PM
My first thought is that the body is not secure. I have had bodies where the front clip wasn't tight enough, so it would move fore and aft slightly, and I have had bodies where the side clips weren't tight, and the body would slide side to side on wall impacts. Either shift will change the weight balance of the car, which in turn changes how it reacts to input.

chris b
2011.02.10, 03:37 PM
thanks for the replies,

The motor wires are the stock length (for the pn 70t) but are twisted out of the way, I will shorten them so rule that out.
Every thing on the rear is running free, I have tried running the friction plate both dry & oiled but it doesn't make much difference to the randomness.
I am running 3deg offset rear & 1deg front, a bit close to the body on the rear but not touching (I can tell when it touches as the car bites in the corner)
The body I am running is the mosler which I have had for a couple of months (same time as the car), it a little loose on the rear clips, can I do anything about this or do I just get a new one?

2011.02.10, 04:10 PM
I would guess the problem you are having is from the body moving. I've seen it on a bunch of Moslers at our club. What I did was pop the clips off, and mount a thin piece of styrene behind it to shim it out. It fits very tight, body doesn't budge. It comes with a price though, as it pushes the sides of the body out some, and it is not forgiving if you slide along he wall.

Another trick I've used in the past is to wrap a rubber band around the body to pull it in on the sides, then run a bead of glue along the edge of the windshield. It stiffens the body up a lot. I think it was yasuji who told me about that one a few years back. The Moslers windows fit a little different than most other bodies, and I wasn't sure this would work for it, which is why I opted for the shims.

Mike Keely
2011.02.10, 05:07 PM
Most of the guys at our club have heated the body and bent the sides in. You have to watch very closely as you do this because you can really destroy the body or the windows if it over heats.

chris b
2011.02.10, 05:43 PM
Most of the guys at our club have heated the body and bent the sides in. You have to watch very closely as you do this because you can really destroy the body or the windows if it over heats.

I've already had a go at that by mistake when I painted the body trying to dry the paint inbetween coats. :D

Thanks for the info I will have a go doing it properly

2011.03.18, 09:01 PM
I have noticed the same problem with the Mosler bodies. They weigh a bit more than the typical Autoscales and the weight is disproportionately hanging off the sides and ends (body is longer and wider than many others); hence, a small shift will certainly tweak the car. Those bodies fit very tight at first, but then loosen up and the handling changes.

We use a Velcro "strap" under all our bodies to hold them tight to the clips. Ugly, but it works. - Lorne

2011.03.18, 10:00 PM
If you notice on the body clip there is a protuding notch I'll call it that actually fits into notches on the chassis.

If you will wrap the notch with a strip of tape 1mm wide or so on both clips the body will fit tighter with out any play. I am using a cloth type tape similar to medical tape.

By taping the sides of the body up underneath the t-plate you will ensure the body does not come off in a collision. Many use scotch tape for this.

Also at the very least make sure you are taping your tires, tape and glue would be better. Not doing so will cause your car to do all kinds of random things.

Also plus 2 in the rear is probably as much offset as you want for that body. With those 21.5 mm rims your tires could be hitting the body. Nothing some dremel work wouldn't fix.