View Full Version : Giro Z PCB Broken.

2011.02.11, 03:41 AM
Hi I hope you can help.

We have a Giroz and a few nights ago it stopped working.
We have traced the fault to a fuse on the PCB and would send it back for repair but I will be honest and say this we have repaired a different problem ourselves in the past, we managed to break the small USB connector on the PCB when someone tripped on the wire :( so this probably means its no longer under Guarantee.

Do you know what the specs of the fuse next to the USB connector so we can fix it?


Many Thanks.

2011.02.11, 10:11 AM
No, I don't. I'm sorry but I don't have technical details about the decoder :(.

I hope you get it working soon. Regards,


2011.02.11, 10:32 AM
Thanks Jesus
Well I think we’ll have to bridge the fuse with some wire and take a reading of the ampage and get a fuse with a bit larger tolerance, hopefully that will work (Fingers Crossed).

2011.02.11, 12:12 PM
Maximum current draw on a USB port is 500ma (.5 amps).
I don't know the specs for that unit, but I can't imagine it draws more than 200 ma. The PC should cut power to the port if it exceeds the maximum or detects a short anyway.

That said, a blown fuse is not a fault, it is the result of a fault.
Check all your wiring, especially at the connector ends of the sensor cables.