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Davey G
2011.02.12, 12:53 PM
Hey Guys,

I have been using this wing on my Megane for a while now and thought I would share pics, instructions and the template to make one yourself. So here is how its done. Your going to use the uppermost holes where the tail light covers would go to secure your wing. Drill these hole out (using a 1.8mm bit) as straight up and down as posssible. This will make the wing mount as level as possible. Here comes the tricky part, chamfer a 5mm Kyosho plastic suspension limiter to match the angle of the tail light bucket so that it can be CA'd (Glued) into position straight up and down with as much contact patch as possible. I use a needle nose plier to hold the limiter and a dremel with a cut off wheel to make this angle. Glue these plastic pieces in place. Using the attached PDF template, make a wing out of some scrap lexan. Mount it using 2 2mm x 8mm screws. Using nuts as well made the screws angle back so I choose NOT to use nuts. If the screw is not snug enough in the body, just drop a dot of CA (Glue) in the hole. Some people like the way it looks, some people dont. It definitely drives different, better in my opinion and many others. I have leant this body to several megane racers, and they have run there body back to back with mine, and the verdict is my body feels better, and the only difference is the wing. Any questions ask away. If you get the chance to try this out, please post feedback.


2011.02.12, 01:40 PM
ran this wing for the first time last nite in preperations to set up a hatchback for the upcomming capital challenge... i like it very much... it doest change the driving characteristics of the car but it does take away the front edginess feel the body gives and gives you great feel... enables you to push the car much harder through the infield without fear of flipping...

Nice job Davey...

2011.02.14, 10:34 AM
my wing....


2011.02.19, 03:16 PM
i tried to make something similar for my cooper. i goofed on the width by about 1/4" but its still =/> the copper width. i made lexan supports to carry the wing vs. making standoffs.


2011.02.19, 08:58 PM
Ray, that should be good. I made one like Daves Magane. It came out good....maybe slightly big but ok.

2011.02.19, 09:05 PM
i'm going to try to chop 1/8" off each end. otherwise, its the same size as daves megane wing in depth and height. i'll be trimming it all up after i get some track time.