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2011.02.12, 08:14 PM
I am currently running an MR-03 with the AR-271 94mm WB motor pod and I would like to add a selectable wheel base damper plate. There are alot of options but no instructions or sample installations availale on the Atomic site in the MR-03 section. Any suggestions for the most flexible kit?

I would like to run in 94mm typically but would like to be able to go to at least 98mm with a simple adjustment.

2011.02.12, 08:52 PM
I think with the atomic dps you actually have to change parts to change wheelbase. You can use an rr or a pn system to achieve what you are looking for.

2011.02.13, 07:11 AM
Thanks hrdrvr, I will look into those options

2011.02.14, 12:20 AM
AR-278 is recommended it lets you slide the entire DPS back and forth easily (loosen two screws) and the damper plate can be mounted below or above the damper plate holder:




AR-275 V.3 damper springs are highly recommended as well.


*This is the actual car I own:

2011.02.14, 06:55 AM
Very nice Sai, I hadn't seen that one, sorry! With the damper plate holder molded like it is, is it okay to shim that up 1.5-2mm? How thick is it overall, where the plate mounts? I usually like my damper a little off of the top plate, but not as much as the ATM spacer.

2011.02.14, 04:54 PM
I was looking at that one but there was no further details posted on the web site for that so i was not sure if it would work.

is it recommended to run with a top mounted shock as well?
if so which one is the one shown with the MR-03, I don't recognize it.

2011.02.15, 08:46 AM
I only use the center shock if I need a little more on-power steering. A lot of times I don't use it. If you car sags in the rear use a rear shock also. Oil shock shown is AR-263

2011.02.15, 05:15 PM
Great, thanks for the info.