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2011.02.13, 09:48 AM
I want to welcome Trackmate (http://trackmateracing.com/shop/) to our Vendor area:p Trackmate makes an infrared lap timer.

2011.02.14, 01:23 AM
Trackmate does good work, nice to see them here!

2011.02.14, 08:52 AM
We use this lap counter in Brasil... It's great!

2011.02.14, 11:46 AM
Welcome Dan,
Now that you're here, any thoughts on providing Flip Side the data needed so their software will work with your hardware?
I use the system for multiple scales and it is great.

2011.02.16, 11:31 AM

Just had the Flu for a week, back now.
Just send me an email and we can work together to get your Flip software to work.

2011.02.16, 11:35 AM
What needs to be ordered to set up a small system to count 3 cars at home

The lanes will be about 3 feet wide and I wil build my own bridge if needed (although this looks to be and under track sensor, right?)

HO Lap Counter Kit $198
3 transponders $???

Anything else needed to hook up to my computer via USB?

2011.02.16, 11:49 AM
For a small track and 3 transponders is $220 plus you will need a USB to serial if you want to use a USB port.

it looks like you were looking in the slot car section, we make timers for slot cars also, check the r/c lap counter section.

2011.02.16, 12:52 PM
It's not my software but, Flipside is a Vendor here.

And I see that doug01n may have already provided the data needed.

2011.02.16, 01:38 PM
Ok, cool. I only looked on the landing page of the above link so I guess it was the slot car system.

Looks reasonable, and I just checked and I have a serial port so that saves $30 right there.