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2011.02.14, 05:54 AM
who here has run the lexan windows? do you notice much of a difference?

2011.02.14, 07:39 AM
I have.

On my 96mm car with Lexus SC430 body, I had add 10 grams to the underside of the car to get it up to 175 grams. I molded some lead weights to fit in the chassis.

The window itself was roughly 7 grams lighter (will double check tonight. A review is coming up)

By placing that much weight on the lowest point of gravity I had to rethink my setup a bit.
But yes, they work well.

They are a very nice fit. Only difference on the outside are that the windows are clear.

2011.02.14, 11:49 AM
We leave the windows clear because some lap counters do not read transponder's signal well with tinted glass. You may paint the lexan any color you want.

2011.02.21, 04:49 PM
did you do that review?

2011.02.22, 04:23 PM
did you do that review?

Almost done. Just have to take some pics before I am ready:)

2011.02.22, 07:09 PM
Here is my F430 with the Atomic lexan windows. I weighed the actual windows before and after and there was a huge difference. It also gives a great green house effect.

2011.03.05, 08:09 PM
Review is up:). (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/03/atomic-lexan-windows.html)

Sorry for taking so long.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_2uRHE7AV3zs/TXLnizD4baI/AAAAAAAADUk/iK5t8TTJwE4/s1024/IMG_7734.JPG (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/03/atomic-lexan-windows.html)

2011.03.06, 03:30 AM
Great review! as always Rune!
I'll wait until the 599XX release ;)
Can You show how and where to raise the weight of the chassis?


2011.03.06, 08:34 AM
I ended up getting some for he gt 500. It fits ok to me. The ussue was the bodypushes the window back down and does not fit where it supposed to be. I did notice a difference and make make car run strange due to the fact the cg is now lower.

2011.03.06, 09:11 AM
I ended up getting some for he gt 500. It fits ok to me. The ussue was the bodypushes the window back down and does not fit where it supposed to be. I did notice a difference and make make car run strange due to the fact the cg is now lower.

You did install it without the original roof right?:)

Mine fits quite good, and had no such issues. Could it be that there are some tabs left in the body that push the window down?

2011.03.06, 10:16 AM
no it just fit strange. I try my other one to see if fittment is better

2011.03.06, 11:22 AM
Pro : Beside weight reduction, LCG prevented Traction roll.
Con : Check with your major Regional Event's rule on legality.

2011.03.06, 11:58 AM
Cut the original plastic window in pieces; tape them on the inside of the lexan windows to conform to the rules. Windows on my cars are removable I don't glue them.

2011.03.06, 12:25 PM
Sai, have you heard if they plan to come out with windows for other bodies?

2011.03.07, 11:29 AM
Yes but need to know what are the popular bodies people race. I race F50 which is not popular.

2011.03.07, 11:42 AM
i would like to see a mosler window. and it seems to be a very popular body

2011.03.07, 11:24 PM
+1 for good idea. If there's one body that desperately needs a Lexan window it's the Mosler.

2011.06.12, 04:50 PM
I will put in a vote for the McClaren. People who have it tend to want a lightweight car and its window is big enough to get a much larger benefit than say the Sauber one you Atomic already produces.

2011.06.14, 09:18 AM
Which McLaren? The longer version?

2011.06.14, 12:51 PM
perhaps a public poll would be in order to determine the priority list for new lexan window releases?

2011.07.03, 02:44 PM
I like these on all my cars to get rid of top heaviness. I am pretty sure the most in demand would be the Ferrari 599X. But I think the McClaren, with its narrow body/chassis will benefit the most, even though sales would be low for it. I have hacked my own with my vacuum former. Unfortunately, it is a very touchy process that can be destructive, but I have a better handle on that now. I someone wants to send me their McClaren window I can probably swap it for a lexan one. However, no guarantees.

2011.07.03, 04:00 PM
I have no idea what you mean by top heaviness, at least on those bodies lol. Both the 599 and McLaren F1 corner extremely flat unless you purposely spring it too soft. That said, the pieces you've made look pretty good -- not quite glass-smooth but most racers shelling out for these pieces wouldn't care. :)

2011.07.03, 10:59 PM
Hello Brian,

While I am no expert driver by a long stretch I do like trying out different configurations on my Mini-Zs as a enjoyable hobby. The cool thing about car tuning is the interdependency of all the different parameters you can adjust. So while I can see the opinion that one likes the body roll on these cars just fine, I would expect that is dependent on the multitude of ways you have tuned your car. I am curious about your opinion. Is it your belief that lowering the CG of these cars and making other associated changes that property would permit (e.g. softer springs, low scrub offsets, etc.) is a dead end? Also since these 2 bodies have different CG points and you suggest that neither would benefit from lowering it, are you suggesting CG height does not matter much, or that even higher CG values are actually better in your experience?

Apart from this issue is the ability to use the weight savings to concentrate the mass more at the CG in order to increase the responsiveness of the car. I seem to recall, but may be mistaken, that you are a big proponent of that concept.


2011.07.04, 02:03 AM
Sorry if I was a bit unclear.

I meant to say that I think the 599XX, long- and short-tail McLaren F1s, and SC430, among others, are relatively not top-heavy at all compared to many of the other racing bodies we use (F430, Mosler, etc.). I like low, light and flat, generally. But I've also recognized that that's not necessarily what keeps the tires happy -- at the 1/28 scale there is a unique problem in that sometimes we can't warm the tires up if there's not enough load on them. That leads to poor grip.

On the RCP in California there is ample grip, which means ample warming up of tires, which means we can focus on low weight and CG to get the best dynamic performance out of the car. But when there is not enough grip to speak of -- right now I'm on the East Coast racing on carpet -- both higher weight and higher CG serve to help load (= warm up) the tires more, which, as much as I hate to admit it, produces more grip, and makes the car faster.

Again, not knocking your work at all, as I like it. But as you say, car setup variables are highly interdependent and even lowering weight or CG, things that a lot of us take for granted, turns out can sometimes be bad for overall performance due to the limitations of other setup factors (namely, tire grip, spring softness, etc.). I only meant to say that IMO the 599 and McLaren are not the bodies that would benefit the most from the Lexan treatment. The body that stands out in my mind that needs one the most (and hasn't gotten one yet) is the Mosler MT900. This thing is heavy AND has a lot of plastic above the tire level, and the canopy is surprisingly not small, so the Lexan treatment would save Mosler owners a lot of effort that is otherwise required to make the body work well on RCP.

2011.07.04, 07:34 AM
Excellent post Brian :)

Cruizin with RC's (Carpet track), recently changed the layout to a MUCH higher speed layout with fewer low speed corners. I had been running a pretty heavily modified Lambo Murc SV to make it as light as I could. On the newer layout, I switched to a relatively unmodified Murc (old version) that is about 5g heavier, and included a RR wing to plant the rear end a little more. The body feels more stable, and has more cornering. With just the body change, I went .1s faster on the fast lap within my first 5 laps, and my average lap was .3s faster in the practice session.

With lower CG bodies, the car is much more progressive in the high speed sweepers, but I feel like I get no steering in the mid/lower speed corners as the weight does not transfer to the outside wheels as much and does not produce enough load in the tires to generate the steering that I want. There is little to no risk of traction roll (with 2wd at least) on the carpet. So in general, I use it as a rule of thumb, smaller tight tracks and/or low grip, higher CG bodies... larger high speed layouts/high speed, lower CG bodies.

The Mosler would be an excellent candidate for the lexan treatment for mid/high grip surfaces. Lately I have been started using a few variations of my favorite bodies, and using it as a tuning tool, making a few modifications to each body... I would like to set a few up with lexan windows as well, to add that to my tuning arsenal.

2011.07.04, 01:16 PM
Thanks for the clarification. I was a little taken aback as I never claimed these cars were relatively top heavy. Just that I currently modify them this way. I am sure there are plenty of people who disagree with my approach and arrive at their own good solutions. That is fine with me as the hobby would be quite boring if everyone was doing exactly the same thing. I like your input about the influence of temperature on these cars as it is something I have not given any thought, perhaps because I am running on California tracks in the summer time. I guess more tire warmers are sold out your way :-)
I would like to hear more about the Mosler. I have been interested in that body but was suspicious about the weight, the durability, and overall quality, as from what I saw with Dnano the competition was not able to compete with the top notch Kyosho product. Apart from the weight what are your thoughts on the durability of the plastic relative to super durable white body Kyosho, or the more fragile auto scale versions?

2011.07.05, 12:35 AM
The Mosler is a PIG. This is kind of a backhanded compliment -- on the one hand, it's heavy so it's not agile on RCP without heavy modification. On the other hand, it seems to produce a lot of grip due to it weight, and the front bumper is built very thick so it's quite indestructible. Quality is almost as good as Kyosho, the details in the styrene are molded well however the windows don't fit quite as perfectly, I opted to cut them out and have them melted into the body individually (thanks Dr. Kustom).

EMU, I'd tack a quarter to the inside of your SV and run that with a Reflex wing instead. The air holes you have on the back of the SV are very good, your car is extremely free in the back and it's capable of faster lap times that way. ;)

2011.07.05, 06:36 AM
I will be doing more back to back testing... I have some lead I will be adding the the lowest part of the rear end of the SV for next race. Reflex wing will be added as well. The stock wing just doesnt have the downforce needed on the high speed sweepers. I may try a harder from tire, or one without tread, as I think the high speed sections are creating too much heat. The cars are flat out for a good 3 seconds (almost a complete oval layout with an infield section in the middle).

2011.11.13, 09:21 AM
is there a time table for release of lexan windows for additional models? i'm still holding out for the 599xx, HSV, 240zw

2011.11.13, 08:56 PM
In about 2 - 3 weeks, or less.

2011.11.13, 10:34 PM
In about 2 - 3 weeks Of what additional models?

2011.11.13, 10:47 PM
so far HSV and 599 are confirmed. Stay tuned. They were released in Asia today so US dealers and customers will get them in a week or two depending on which shipping method they chose.

2011.11.14, 05:48 AM
Mosler. Pretty please?

2011.11.30, 03:06 PM
I'm surprized windows for the Mini Coopers weren't the first ones released. If any body needs help, it's the Coopers.

2011.11.30, 10:34 PM
i've got one for HSV,it shaved 4g off even with light smoke paint on it.:)

2012.10.06, 01:53 PM
I'm surprized windows for the Mini Coopers weren't the first ones released. If any body needs help, it's the Coopers.

i would love to get a window for the cooper. any chance this can happen sai?