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2011.02.14, 01:19 PM
Hi all
Just about to launch my mini z race club and would like some advice regarding race formats if anyone is able to.
I am renting cars and will have 5 cars in a race with 5 identical cars as spares should one break down.
I have bought the kyosho timing system and initially thought I would do the heat rounds and a/b/c finals etc depending on numbers. This is how I used to race in 1/8th rallycross.
The problem I have is this;
On arrival I will designate a car that each person will drive in their particular heat therefore one car could be driven by 3 different drivers depending on how many heats there are.
What happens if this car is needed by two people in one final?? I know I have a spare car but this is not ideal plus the fact there might be 3 people in the same final and if that's the case I am stuffed!
Any comments/suggestions greatly appreciated

2011.02.14, 01:47 PM
if you did 5 heats & each driver use a differnt car each heat 1 car1 h2 car etc) then all drivers will have used each car as long as all cars are set up the same top driver in each final gets to pick 1, 2 picks 2nd, & so on (this made more sense in my head than writen down but i think you'll see the idea)

2011.02.14, 02:53 PM
Thank you for that, yes it makes sense and would be ideal as all cars will be set up the same. The drivers would all be novices and it will only be as the races progress we will see who has better driving skills.
The only thing I can see being an issue (but to be honest it's not a huge issue) is that some drivers will be disappointed to give up their car from heat. Unless they are rubbish of course in which case they'll blame the car and be glad to get rid of it:-)