View Full Version : Where to buy ex5?

2011.02.16, 08:49 AM
Hi all
Looking to buy an ex5 or possibly two. I am in the uk and believe no-one sells them here. Where is the best place to buy them from?
Strangely you can get the ex5 non mini z version here (orange stickers) but not mini z one????!!

2011.02.16, 09:42 AM
shaggy, we should have more Kyosho Perfex EX-5UR transmitters arriving today. They are incredibly hard to get a hold of right now, we've been selling through them almost instantly and Kyosho can't keep up with our demand (nor on KT-18s). The reason you can find the "regular" version is that it's through KO vs. the Mini-Z version which is through Kyosho. :)

Mrs Mini-Z
2011.02.16, 10:02 AM
The EX-5's (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=20846) have been delivered and are in the database ready to order. :)

2011.02.16, 11:41 AM
That sounds great. So i can bind that with my dnanos and mini z's using the cars buily in receiver.
Out of interest how much arw normal 3 channel receivers should i want one for other cars and do you stock them?