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2011.02.17, 12:09 AM
I'm very happy with my MR03 stock car with PN70T, PN Ball Diff, Bearings etc but after racing on a big track tonight I want more speed.

I have a VDS Pan Body dying to see some high speeds so I was thinking of a US Spec MR03 (comes with ball diff, damper plate and bearings) which are all things I'd have to get anyway.

I think I would start with a PN50T Ball Bearing motor since I don't plan to upgrade the FETs off the bat.

I came home and threw the body on my MR-02 and installed my old Speedy BB07 to tide me over but will need to set it back up for my son to practice with soon with his Enzo body and Kyosho stock motor.

Sorry for the rant but I just wanted some input on this setup. I don't plan to race too competitively but would like to have a faster car to pull out when I'm at a large track and the stock car starts to feel slow.


2011.02.17, 02:32 AM
Pan car classes are not run too often, but you can switch the body for a GT body to run in mod GT classes. Most GT setups work decently with a pan car body, if there is no suspension rub on the pan body. The US spec MR03 is a decent car, and doest need much to make it race worthy, depending what level racer you are you may want to add a motormount and a few other parts to help fine tune the setup.

A faster motor in a stock car setup can make a huge difference on the larger tracks, so if you stick to a setup that you are already somewhat familiar with, it will make it easier to tune both cars once you see what the extra power does to the setup. The further you stray from what you know in setup, the more headaches it will bring.

What body are you currently running for stock? If you get another body clip, you can use the same body for two classes...

The 50t BB motor should get you in a comfortable power level without feeling like the car has too much power, but is considerably faster than the 70t.

2011.02.17, 08:41 AM
I usually run the Murcialago but loved the VDS on the same setup last night. I am not as concerned with racing as I am with having fun while practicing. I would want it to be just like my car now but a little faster. I have a Mini96 to run on during the week so need to keep one car setup for that small track.

2011.02.17, 09:02 AM
Here is a small video of the stock car at the new track in the Bronx NY. Los Magnificos RC Speedway


2011.02.17, 09:20 AM
PanCars rule!:D

2011.02.17, 10:24 AM
My murc is one of the best handling bodies when I put it on my pan setup ;) The Mosler also handles well with no adjustments being made, but I think that the Murc handles a little better if I dont change the front tires (Mosler has a bit more push with the pan front tires).