View Full Version : How to fit Mr-03 MM body on Mr-03 LM chasis

2011.02.17, 03:41 PM
I have Mr-03 LM nissan r390 and is thinking of changing the auto-scale body to new Ferrari 599xx MM. How do I fit it and will I need to buy any parts to mod it?

2011.02.17, 04:14 PM
You should only need a different damper, and wheels/tires. The r390 is 102mm, the 599xx is 98mm. The 599 is quite wide, so you can get away with using the LM rear pod/diff, just shorten the wheelbase one notch. The stock damper that comes with it only works for the 102mm position without modification. You can purchase an adjustable disc damper by Reflex Racing, Atomic or PN that will suit your needs.

The rear wheels that come with the 599xx will be too wide for the LM motormount/diff. So different rear wheels (with 0mm offset) will be required.

2011.02.17, 06:43 PM
as you already know, the 599xx utilizes a mm motor mount configuration...

the lm motor mount uses a wider/longer gear/ball diff compared to the rm/mm motor mounts...

so you could take emu's advice, or simply get a mm & a rm/mm gear or ball diff... if you ask around, i'm pretty sure that somebody will be generous enough to give you an extra mm / gear diff that they have lying around...

good luck and hope this helps

2011.02.17, 09:47 PM
Thanks. I'll look into it. Maybe easier just to get body set or LM auto scale instead.

2011.02.18, 04:09 AM
yeah that would work too... :D
but that 599xx looks soooo baaad...