View Full Version : 229 MAH Orion 900's!

2011.02.17, 09:40 PM
Ran my brand new pack of Orion 900's through there first discharge at 100ma then charge at 200ma charge today and one of them was charged in about an hour and came up with a reading of 229mah???
The others show 905, 1079, 1105 and then the lovely 229 cell
I use a Lacrosse BC-900

I hope it will come alive during the next cycle or 2.
Anyone have an experience like this?
What would I do with a set of 3 good cells and 1 gimp?

2011.02.17, 09:57 PM
After reviewing the chargers manual the 229 may actually be the amount the battery used to reach a charge and not the actual MAH capacity.

I will now run the batteries through the TEST mode which will give me the number I am looking for.

If anyone can further explain the readings please let me know.

2011.02.17, 09:59 PM
Its not uncommon to have a bad cell. I buy batteries a dozen sets at a time every 8-12 months and out of 48 cells I normally get 1-2 that are bad. Some brands are better than others but none have been perfect for me.

2011.02.18, 05:33 PM
Success! I ran the cells through there second 100ma discharge and 200ma charge and this cell came out to 902 MAH

What a relief

2011.02.18, 07:00 PM
The charge/discharge rate used is rather low, which may have caused the cell to not charge. When I test my cells on the Lacrosse, I use the 700mA/350mA rates, if I dont have a fan setup, or 1000mA/500mA if I do have a fan. The LaCrosse heats up the cells a little more than other chargers at the same charge rates... The higher the discharge rate, the better idea you have of the true health of the cell. Especially since we use more than 1A at times when driving...

Some cells take a few charge/discharge cycles to wake up, especially if they have been sitting for a while (in package or not in use).

2011.02.18, 07:08 PM
Thanks for the advice.

I always break my cells in at this low rate for the first 2 cycles.

I then charge them at 500ma for the next 2-3, then I go ahead and go to my usual rate of 700mah or 1amp.

2011.02.18, 09:05 PM
Sounds good :) That will give the cell more consistancy than hitting them with high amperage from the start...

2011.02.18, 09:12 PM
Thats my goal.
At this point I dont have the need for maximum punch or voltage. Longer life and runtimes are what Im after. If and when the time comes for some serious racing I will get a new fleet of cells for racing.

2011.02.19, 04:39 AM
for the club i race at run-time is paramount as one set of batteries per metting with no charges inbetween
i use the maha charger and run them through a break in (36hr) this discharges then charges at a very low rate up to peak capacity , then discahrges and charges at a slightly higher rate

i have found after this run 4/5 500ma discharge 1000ma charge cycles and the cells are well conditiond and run the 3 5min heats and a 5 min final without dumping

2011.04.27, 02:12 AM
I'll hijack this thread to ask my question.
Team Orion 900mAh HV cells.
Thunder Power TP610C (http://www.rctoys.com/rc-products/TP610C.html) charger.
5mV delta peak setting.
When I charge at 200mA - I get 900-1000 mAh capacity and 5.66V when charged.
When I charge at 900mA - I get 700-800 mAh capacity and ~6.00V when charged.

Is this normal. Should I change the delta peak setting when charging at higher amps?