View Full Version : Which mount for the TRP Renault Megane?

2011.02.18, 04:57 AM
I'm looking at different 94mm mounts and there are quite a few around, variable length to set length.

Anyone have experience with the PN reconfigurable carbon fibre mount (http://www.kenonhobby.com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-2WD-94mm-Reconfigurable-Carbon-Fiber-Motor-Mount-Orange_p_42577.html? It seems quite complex compared to for example 94mm WB motor pod http://www.egrracing.com/shop/94mm-wb-motor-pod-version-vi-for-mr02-mr03-p-3809.html

Is there anything that stands out as regards to center of gravity? Or should i just go for the simplest option available?

2011.02.18, 07:25 AM
The simplest option available will be just that, the simplest option. The ATM mount you linked will definitely work with the TRP Renault, but you will be limited to a DDS system and 94mm. It can achieve 98mm, but you have to use a DDS system that will allow for multiple wheelbases.

I would chose the newest version of the PN 94/98 (http://www.kenonhobby.com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-MR0203-94-98mm-V3-LCG-Motor-Mount-Orange_p_42910.html) mount, or the reconfigurable one you posted. The PN 94/98 mount is a very simple design similar to the ATM mount you linked. The main difference is that it uses a slide for gear mesh (personal preference), but an added bonus is that it is compatible with the tri-damper suspension systems that are available right now. Reflex (http://reflexracing.net/proddetail.asp?prod=RX1161) and PN (http://www.kenonhobby.com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-Tri-Damper-System-94mm-Conversion-Kit_p_43094.html) both make very good TDS kits, that are becoming the norm for rear suspension set ups lately.

Running the TDS system would allow you to use a pivot system like the QteQ T-plate replacement set (http://reflexracing.net/proddetail.asp?prod=QT-101101-GY). This is a fairly new set up, but seems like it is going to be one of the better systems out there. It lets you have the same type of tuning set up as a PN gimbal mount (http://www.kenonhobby.com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-MR03-98-102mm-Gimbaled-Motor-Mount-Orange_p_43929.html) (which is VERY proven at the highest levels of racing, but only available for 98 or 102), but with a much lower cost, and much more flexibility to go back and forth from T-plates and pivot.

You can also wait for the new Reflex Racing mount (http://reflexracing.net/proddetail.asp?prod=RX1177) that should be out soon. It is a more simplistic design like the ATM mount, but gives you the variability of the reconfigurable mount, and accepts all the forms of suspension I mentioned, with the exception of the PN gimbal set up, which requires a gimbal specific mount that isn't any good with T plates.

2011.02.18, 12:20 PM
Landon, the Qteq t-bar works well with DDS cars as well, it does not need to be used with a TDS system. It is a little easier to adjust with a TDS, but not mandatory. I have one in my LM, which is not TDS at this time and it runs quite well (better than any t-plate that I have tried).

As far as mounts, Landon covered it. Any 94mm MM or RM mount will work. MM is preferred. I use the PN 94 LCG with Reflex tri-damper on my Megane. Just waiting to get my hands on the new Reflex Racing Adjustable wheelbase mount when it is released.

2011.02.18, 12:35 PM
EMU, How does your LM car return to center? Do you have the QteQ bar set up so that it doesn't "float" in the left/right direction?

2011.02.18, 03:52 PM
Adjust the travel limiters and use the center adjustment screw... it returns to center much better than the FRP t-plate that i was using before... If its set to float, then you need a tds setup to return to center.

2011.02.21, 03:30 AM
Thanks for the replies, it's cleared up my choice. I think i'll get the gimbal mount and use it on my mclaren (98mm) and move the 94-98 pn mount with DPS to the renault megane.

If i like how the TDS works on the mclaren, i'll get an upgrade kit for the renault and use TDS there too.

2011.02.21, 08:52 AM
just to give you a heads up. the tri shock has a hard time fitting under the mclaren with the pn shock mount. i ended up having to use the reflex mount with pn shocks cut short to fit, and i still had to shave the inside pretty good.

2011.02.21, 09:05 AM
Oh. Thanks for the heads up!

If it all goes sour i'll use the TDS with the megane and keep the mclaren as it is.

2011.02.21, 09:07 AM
the tri shock that comes with the gimbald will not work with the 94-98 pod

2011.02.21, 09:14 AM
Honetly, I would go with the PN 94/98 pod, the RR tri-shock and if you interested in the gibmal style, the QteQ T Bar. This will give you a kit you can use at 94 with the QteQ, and 94, 96, or 98 with the RR TDS. I you swap the 94/98 mount with a reconfigurable one, you can do all the way up to 100 (maybe 102, cant say for sure, as I havent tried it) with the QteQ bar and RR TDS! It will give you a much more variable set up than the PN gimbal system.

2011.02.21, 11:36 AM
Which McLaren body are you speaking of, the longtail or the short. As a reminder, the 98mm mount/Gimbal mount with TDS the shocks sit lower than the do with the 94mm mount at 98mm... I can test fit both McLarens on my Pan Gimbal setup if you would like to see if they clear.

2011.02.21, 04:02 PM
I tried it out as soon as I had my reconfig PN mount set up -- the little McLaren does NOT clear the PN trishock easily at all, and I even dremeled my motor mount to let the shocks sit lower already. The longtail McLaren has a little more space thanks to different body lines, so it clears with less modification if I remember correctly (Grant's old Mod MR02).

2011.02.22, 02:59 AM
The mclaren is the longtail.

I'd go for the RR TDS setup but our local track doesn't have any in stock and they have no idea when they can get more.

So basically it's either:
- the gimbal package at 98mm (mclaren only)
- 94/98 + TDS conversion (works on both cars)
- 94/98 + DDS (works on both cars)

So. The upside to the 94/98 + TDS conversion would be that it works on the wheelbases i'm using. The upside to the gimbal would be motor COG being lower (the motor lies flat if i remember right)?

DDS i'm not too fond of as i already have one and i'm having droop issues with the sloppy rear i like to drive. I'm trying a topshock today which fixes that issue but it seems like it affects the side-to-side stiffness a bit too (topshock is the kyosho black nearly weightless thing).

2011.02.23, 12:56 AM
For 98mm I would go for PN TDS with or without gimbaled styled motormount and switch the body to Mosler.
That would be the perfect combo in my world.
For the Megane I would use PN 94-98 mount and PN 94 TDS V.2.
Make sure you have the version2 plate for the 94mm TDS.

2011.02.23, 05:35 AM
As it turns out the local track was out of the Megane. And ball diffs. And everything else i needed except the gimbaled mount.

The mosler sounds and looks good! I'll probably buy that the next time i go round (if they still have it). The Megane will have to wait until they get their stocks back up :(

So i'm impressed with the TDS system. It was perhaps even more fiddly to set up than the a-arm i've got up front. Nice engineering and it looks sweet!

2011.02.23, 06:12 AM
if they do not have a megane you may be hard pressed to even get one. i havent seen one in the states for a while. not sure if trp is even still making it.