View Full Version : AWD vs 2wd low down springs?

2011.02.18, 02:05 PM
ANyone know the difference between the PN Low Down springs for the MA-010 vs the ones sold for the mr-02 and mr-03?
I have a club member who needs them for this mr-03 moving to a reflex front end but not sure if the PN AWD low down springs will work.

2011.02.18, 03:27 PM
The Long king pin Reflex setup works very well with the AWD springs.

You have to add a bit more preload than with the 02 springs, but the ranges are quite good for the 03.
Check out the rates for these springs here:

http://lh6.ggpht.com/_2uRHE7AV3zs/S3gertXXThI/AAAAAAAABW4/Kt3dTqdO47I/Spring%20chart.jpg (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2010/03/spring-rates-update_852.html)