View Full Version : Can I build a monster from a MR-03?

2011.02.18, 07:52 PM
I bought a mr-03 and I would like to get a monster chassis without electronics and do an electronics transplant. does anyone know where to get a monster chassis only kit or if this type of thing is even feasible?


2011.02.18, 11:43 PM
The only official monster bodyless chassis kits are already 2.4ghz. The only other kits are AM readysets with transmitters. I wouldn't recommend trying to put together a whole car from spare parts packages as it would be way too expensive.

You can convert an AM Monster by de-soldering all the wired parts and soldering them onto the RA-22 board. You'll also need to add the third wire to the servo potentiometer, and cut holes into the board cover for the pairing button, ICS connectors, antenna and LED.

An electronics transplant is very feasible if you can solder, I suppose the really hard part is finding an AM Monster readyset or used monster for less than a 2.4ghz Monster chassis or 2.4ghz monster body chassis set.

You can try looking for used ones I guess.

2011.02.20, 05:07 PM
yeah, I thought I'd seen chassis only w/o receiver somewhere, but maybe not. mabey I'll try to do something weird like retrofit monster tires on my mr-03... something to that effect

2011.02.20, 06:52 PM
A while back I had reflex racing install a 03 chassis in my monster. It works flawlessly!!!

2011.02.24, 08:15 PM
hi Milz,
not sure I understand. but i think you mean that reflex took the electronics out of your 03 chassis and put it into your monster chassis?