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2011.02.20, 01:04 AM
Dont you know if possible to use Atomic motors MO-028/029/030 for MR03 with original MR03 FETs ? - so without any FET reinforcement ?

2011.02.20, 01:26 AM
I used the motor on one MR03 last week, and two different cars this week. Both have stock fets. Just be sure to gear appropriately. 64p, I use 9/53 and it feels good and doesnt get hot. I may try a 10/53 next race. I took the motor out of one car to replace with a Chili to get a little more speed (9/53 on stock fet), and put it in a car that I wanted a little more speed than the 48t 17mm. I like the feel of the 40t, very smooth power delivery with a pretty wide power band so it has a linear feel.

2011.02.20, 01:38 AM
I only have the new 48T ATM. Very nice motor, and no need for upgraded FETs.

EMU, did you post your recent impressions of the Chili somewhere?

2011.02.20, 10:28 AM
I was looking for more speed in LM last night, the 40t wasnt enough for the competition level that I was up against. I had scavanged through my old parts that are in the basement and came across three chili motors... I tested all three on the motor run in, and took the one that had the best wind up. It is a very high RPM motor, but has good linear torque. Not the most powerful motor out there, but great top end speed. I had initially put the wrong Chili in the car, and it was slower than the 40t (considerably), then I tested all of them to see which was best...

2011.02.20, 01:56 PM
Dont you think that MR03 stock FETs will not be enougt for the Chili ?
Do you have longer experiece with live durability in this configuration ?
Can 35T ATM compete to Chili ?

2011.02.20, 03:38 PM
The endbell that the Chili has is more efficient at delivering current than the one on the 17mm or standard 130 motors, so with the same armature (think the Chili armature is the same from the old Z2 or T2), you will get more power.

I used the Chili for some time on an MR02 ASF with stock fets... as long as it is geared well, and motor/ambient temperatures are good, you should be ok.

The 17mm 35t will not be as fast as a Chili. It will however, be lighter and have a little more drag brake...

2011.03.04, 06:02 PM
Any problem to fit this motors?? I have motor mount PN vIII for 94

2011.07.04, 05:07 AM
Dont you know if possible to use Atomic motors MO-028/029/030 for MR03 with original MR03 FETs ?

Hi, ive used all 3 in two of my mini z's and so far no problems, i havent raced with it but have run down many batteries in the local car park at full speed and on my tamyia speed checker, the batteries get warm but that all so far. only one problem i have is that i cant find the reverse on the mo30 no matter what i try

2011.07.05, 10:00 PM
I have tried the stock plus and super stock 17 mm cans in my MR03s. The positives are they are lightweight (perhaps their weak magnets help here?) and the power response feels very linear. It is a very easy motor to drive your car with for sure. However, if you want anything approaching a fast mod motor stay far away this series. I think there is a good reason AtomicMods does not show the power curves on these little guys.