View Full Version : MF14 any issues?

2011.02.20, 10:17 AM
Anyone install this board?. more to the point- anyone build their F1 with MF14. this board--- It's made for it. Are their any issues? any with the sp2 models right out of the box?. I plan on buying this board for my build(no conversion). thanks in advance towards my Build

I don't care about reverse delay,gyro, or stacking.

NOT a MR02 or MR03board swap convert topic.

2011.03.19, 10:16 AM
BUMP.... all this talk about 02 boards.. Wat-up? anyone install the
F-1 board (mf14), on the F-1 2.4 Chassis- UNMOLESTED-no stacks of fets.

again, made for this chassis. should fit right in, pair-up to Tx. and start putting in laps right???

2011.03.19, 11:37 AM
It's the same ASF board used in everything: mr-02, AWD, F1, Overland, Monster and mr-015. The wires will be the appropriate length for the particular chassis though. Potentiometer wiring might be reversed on some boards (AWD for sure).

The 2 versions (technically 3 revisions) of mr-03 boards are different of course.

Using the correct board for the particular chassis is recommended. There should be no problems whatsoever.