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2011.02.20, 06:43 PM
What dates do you guys want to have in March?

So we are continuing with our Friday and Saturday combo!

How does the 11/12 and 25/26 sound for the dates?

Please respond with your ideal dates....

2011.02.21, 08:47 AM
There's no "I don't care" option.... lol. Either combo works, for once I don't have anything to do on any of those days.

2011.02.22, 02:52 PM
I went for 11th and 26th, something I wanted to do came up on the weekend of the 26th but I can leave early and make it for racing.

2011.02.23, 01:18 PM
I'm not able to do the first two weekends in March so I reset the poll and altered the options. Please re-vote; poll closes on the 28th, in an effort to encourage people to respond ASAP. Thanks! :)

2011.02.23, 02:41 PM
my one vote got changed to the 18th and 26th then... That works.

2011.02.23, 04:12 PM
As far as I know all of those dates are fine for me...I hope I'm not forgetting about something.

2011.02.25, 09:18 AM

2011.02.25, 08:11 PM
poll closes on the 28th, in an effort to encourage people to respond ASAP. Thanks! :)

hmmm looks like mini-z had a premature closing!

2011.03.01, 10:38 PM
I know the poll is closed but FYI, my availability is:
Fri 18 - open
Sat 19 - 60% chance it's open
Fri 25 - open (but arrive late - 9:30)
Sat 26 - 10% chance it's open


2011.03.03, 05:36 PM
I would like to see the days posted ASAP so I can make plans around them.

Norms dates look good. You can't please everyone but the sooner the dates are official the easier it is to sell the wife on the plans.

2011.03.04, 07:50 AM
I agree... the sooner they are firmed up the sooner they go on my calendar and the less likely I will be to have things scheduled against it.

2011.03.04, 08:46 AM
From the poll, it should be the 18th and 26th. These are my preferred dates.

2011.03.06, 02:41 PM
18 and 26 look so far ok with me.

2011.03.07, 02:27 PM
So I know D is tied up until the first weekend listed here, but would there be room between the two for a drift night or something?

2011.03.08, 08:23 PM
We will be racing on Friday 18th and Saturday 26th.

I'll try to post the official thread for Friday 18th later tonight.


2011.03.24, 07:03 AM
Official thread for 26th?

2011.03.26, 03:41 PM
Official thread for 26th?

Thanks BT! :)