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Chicken Little
2011.02.21, 11:58 PM
I opened this thread up to ask pros and local fast guys for their tips and set-ups on the classes that are being run on the track Hopefully this will get the ball rollin on raising the bar with the fellow racers.


2wd Mod:



Le Mans:

Thanks in advance to those who participate.

2011.02.22, 01:50 AM
I dont know how to really give the tips, but I will list my setups...

2wd Mod:
PN 94mm LCG mount
Reflex Tri-Damper system (15k Kyosho grease to dampen, silver springs)
Kyosho oil shock, yellow spring 30wt oil
Qteq T-bar no travel limited, free float
PN main diff parts on ATM ti shaft, Qteq wheel adapter and left wheelnut (no bushing in left wheel)
PN 39t motor 10/53 (I was using 9/53 before this week)
ATM SuperWide 10d rear grooved tires
ATM 0mm 13mm wide rear wheel

Reflex tower bar set to 2d camber/4d caster
Reflex reverse kingpin with silver spring.
Reflex arms, stock pins
ATM knuckles (1mm shim below knuckle, .3mm shim above)
ATM Slick-R 20d
ATM S6 0mm offset wheel
Kyosho brass servo gear

ATM LM motormount, DPS and lightweight differential
0mm ATM wheel
ATM 10d grooved rear tires
ATM Chili 9/53
ATM oil shock (35wt oil, 3Racing blue spring)
Qteq 102mm T-bar

ATM W tower bar (0d caster)
stock arms with ATM light blue spring (super or ultra soft, forget which set its from)
Reflex long kingpins with PN AWD proII green spring with about 1mm droop
3Racing 10d AWD front tire
ATM S6 0mm wheel
stock knuckles .5mm shim under knuckle, 1mm above

PN 94mm LCG v4 mount
Reflex Tri-Damper (silver spring, 15k grease)
Kyosho oil shock (40wt 3Racing blue spring)
ATM 40t 17mm motor 9/53
Qteq/Reflex diff on ATM shaft
PN Carbon 4 t-plate
Reflex t-plate adapter

Reflex upper tower set to N 2d camber 2d caster
Kyosho inner tube shock set, ATM orange spring
stock knuckles .5mm under .5mm above knuckle
ATM N lower tower
stock N tie rod
ATM 30d slick R
ATM S6 0mm wheel

Feel free to ask any questions... Hope the info helps

Chicken Little
2011.02.22, 07:14 PM
Thanks Eugene. Keep it coming guys. I would share my set-ups but I feel as they are negligible to most people. LoL.:rolleyes:

2011.02.22, 09:44 PM
And Eugene wins the award for broadest use of 3rd-party parts suppliers... :D

I'll never claim he is a corporate shill!

If Eugene and others could also post what bodies they're running I'd be interested in knowing. Body has a big impact on setup.

2011.02.23, 01:00 AM
As far as bodies...
Mod GT I have been using the F430GT at 94mm
Lemans I use the Sauber C9
Hatch I have used R32, Subaru STI 94mm hatch version, and Megane. The Megane handles power best, and is about .1s faster than the STI. R32 is just a little too small and light. Since the chassis that I use the hatch on has a narrow front, I can switch between each body pretty easily. I may want to try the R32 with narrow rear wheels, I think the AW10 would provide enough grip with the power that I have, and due to the low weight provide better acceleration. The main drawback, is that any contact would put me on the losing end of the battles...

Racing for Reflex, I try to use as many of their parts as I can. However, I have many cars for different purposes, and have many parts from before I started racing for Reflex... So I put them to use when needed. The LM car was setup when I was racing for ATM, and has gone through very few changes since its inception. I plan to switch the tower bar out for the Reflex for the next race as I think I need a little more camber and caster.

Take in mind, that the track surface is carpet, so the tire choice is different than what you would want to use on RCP. Although my setups are the same setups that I race RCP on with different tires...

Chicken Little
2011.02.23, 07:34 PM
Hello Eugene, Im having a hard time finding speed in my ATM 40T 17mm motor. My gearing is 53/12 64 pitch as per Sai's suggestion but it seems like my 48T 17mm (53/13) is faster all around. Can you give me any advice as to which route I should go. I'm using this in mod class by the way. Thanks buddy.

2011.02.24, 12:50 AM
Try to gear down a little... I know it sounds funny, but I have good speed at 53/9 although I am thinking about going to a 10 to see if it gains any more speed (which I dont think it will gain much). I fear that if I gear up, the lack of torque will slow the motor down, and it will start to get hot. Also the motor will not have the power that I want exiting the corners.

Is your motor hot after a few minutes run? Do you have the fets upgraded? What batteries are you using? How old is the motor, has it been broken in, or just run?

I havent broken in any of the 17mm motors that I have used. I usually dont break in mod motors, besides running them for a few minutes dry... I do not recommend water dipping mod motors, only stock bushing motors. I dont want the water getting in the bearings at all...

One thing that I have been thinking about trying, is using an old stock motor to water dip a new mod motors brushes, then moving them over to the mod motor after they have been broken in on the stock motor. While it wont be a perfect mate to the mod motor, it wouldnt wear the comm on the mod motor, and the bearings wouldnt be subjected to the water...

2011.02.24, 11:57 AM
I'm pretty fast for 2WD Mod but not so for 70T Skinny.

Feel free to ask me a question.

Rather than listing every part in detail. In general I run 10d in the back and 30 / or even 20 AW Groove in the front. My front springs are generally harder for carpet racing compared to RCP. I prefer torque over speed so I use 48T instead of 35T. These are the only motors I use.

2011.02.24, 12:09 PM
emu have you ran the 48t 17mm? if so what gearing do you feel is best on the motor? i ran it with 12/53 and it was a little quicker than 11/53 but i found it to not be as smooth of a powerband. the 11/53 felt better but was a good 2/10ths slowwer.

2011.02.24, 02:29 PM
I had the 48t 17mm motor in my Hatch car (which was actually the f355 that I had raced at the first Carolina Cup with very few changes). The car was pretty quick, but not quite fast enough to face most of the motors that I was going against, which is why I switched to the 40t. I feel that it has a smooth power band... and I actually like how it drives, I just want a little more power for the grip that I had. On a low grip track I think it would be a great motor choice. Or as a spec motor. For gearing on the 48t I used 11/53.

Chicken Little
2011.02.24, 03:08 PM
Hello Sai, thanks for dropping in. I'm going to be changing to 48T round can in my mod after seeing my Megane/ Hatch do a 9.5 easily while I barely do the same with my mod car. The 40T just doesn't have that punch I need in the infield but it has a very linear power-band that I am impressed. Hopefully I can find use for the motor.