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2011.02.22, 02:29 PM
I'm looking for some software that can just do a"countdown"and them announce as each minute goes by. This would be for personal practice where I don't have a lap counting unit.
I count the laps by myself and usually just use a 5 or 10 minute countdown alarm on my cellphone but having a countdown before start and an announcement as each minute passess would be great.

I think it will also benefit by learning how the software works so I can know howe to use it if there is a lap counter available.

I have installed a few few software counters but they say something like "race cannot occur with zero racers"


2011.02.22, 03:35 PM
A single car timing system is pretty easy to make. How handy do you feel? You need some slot car software (lap timer 2000 is great), a laser pointer, ir detector (276-145 is an old radio shack number, not sure if it is still valid), com or serial cable (whichever you have on the PC).
Here is the wiring, just use the #1 ir sensor:



Set it up so the laser pointer hits the ir sensor across the track and every time you break the beam it will count you.

(Thanks to whoever made the above diagrams.)

Or if you have a microsizers timer already.


2011.02.23, 01:53 PM
I am pretty handy but would need to see a tutorial on exactly how your system works.
Is the ir sensor hooked directly to the computer?
All i would need is the laser pointer, ir and a way to hook it to the comp?

The software you mentioned is cool but it still doesn't seem like it can announce or beepas each minute passes.


2011.02.23, 02:34 PM
It's not my system, I'm pretty sure it came from this site. I use Trackmate now and I haven't used this method for quite some time but, it's ok for 1 car, anything more is a pain. I don't recall what the software had for sounds or capabilities, I know it will let you count by laps or time. Here is the link:
As I recall I think the software has wiring diagrams in a help file once you install it (probably the diagrams above, lol)
The ir sensor connects directly to the computer and any laser pointer from a dollar store will work.
It's basically a one lane slot car timer turned on its side.

2011.02.23, 03:29 PM
Try zround.
You could make the anouncer read the standings every minute or so. Then you know a minute has passed. Set it up as manual counting with keyboard, no need for a system hooked to the pc. Zround also has a slot option wich you can use with the laser option mentioned above. www.zround.com

Also I came across a system a while ago using a webcam to register when a car passes the line. I think it was on this forum.

2011.02.23, 03:33 PM
found it


and the laser also


2011.02.23, 04:34 PM
Flip Side Racing Software does this. While it does require you to create a racer before you can run a race you do not need to add a racer to a race. Just go to the Edit Racers screen and click Create Racer once is enough to let you run races without any racers.

For the Race Config you need to Enable Live Rank Announcements and set the Rank Announcement Interval to however many minutes you want to pass between announcements. Since there are no racers in the race it will only say the minutes remaining instead of also announcing the rank. The software has an added 30 seconds remaining announcement that can not be changed. And you can use the Ending Countdown setting so that it will count down to the end of the race as well as the count down to start.

2011.02.24, 12:48 AM
Awesome Flipside is great.

For now I hooked it up to my keyboards space bar and put it on the floor to hit with my toe. Very cool.

I think I will just invest in a real lap counter setup since I would like to have it for future use anyway.

2011.02.24, 06:08 AM
Awesome Flipside is great.

I think I will just invest in a real lap counter setup since I would like to have it for future use anyway.

1st step to opening your own Club, Good luck with the project :)

2011.02.24, 09:21 AM
If anyone is selling a used lapcounter shoot me a PM. Something like Robotronics or Giro-z would be cool. Only need like 3 or 4 Transponders to with it too.
I chose not to post a wanted-to-buy ad yet since it's not a priority yet.
Maybe Ill find something at the WRAM show this weekend