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2011.02.23, 03:04 PM
thanks to my good buddy kyrten for pointing me in the right direction for the parts i needed i have made a start on my zonda-R project
this is my goal

removed the body from the "toy" and cut off the front spliter and rear air damm from the chassis
next came the wheels , mini-z ones are way to small looking so onto the lathe and a bit of custom work


just need to make a front clip and mount the rear ones but i think she sits pretty nice


2011.02.23, 03:10 PM
Very cool!!! Where did you find that body?? What toy?? Looks like it came of toy R/C car with 40mhz sticker on the front.

2011.02.23, 06:25 PM
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. :)

2011.02.23, 07:50 PM
Man, you beat me to it! My body is still enroute to me.

Great custom work though. It'll make my life easier when I try to do one.

What is the final wheelbase of this? 110mm?

2011.02.23, 10:17 PM
With an RM T-Plate extended the way it is i think that does make 110mm.

Very cool...what offsets does the width need? I have some +1 alloys thatd look uber sharp but they are Enzo offsets...

2011.02.23, 11:12 PM
Fantastic!!!! I know what my next project will be now.

I supose is the Mondo Motors model we discussed over at http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35794 right???

Great find man!!! We want more!!

2011.02.24, 02:13 PM
thanks guys :)
the car is indeed a mondo motors rc car , they are lisenced by paggani so the pearl yellow is a good match to there car , details are ok maybe do with a little more imo

sizes are
front track aprox 78mm
rear track aprox 86mm
wheel base aprox 115mm
so if using mini-z wheels thats +3 front and rear and an LM diff

but for me the mini-z wheels look lost in the wheel wells thats why i canverted the original model ones