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2011.02.24, 10:34 PM
What is the purpose of the "microsizers" or other lap timer in a home made lap timing setup?
Is there a way I can just hook a IR detector with a laser pointer shining on it to a port on my computer?

I just installed Flipside on my computer and have been using the spacebar to time my laps.

2011.02.25, 12:19 AM
The Microsizer counters don't hook up to your computer. They store up to 99 laps for later review on the built in display. To cover a wider track than they were designed for, a laser pointer is typically used for the beam.

The original site with pictures appears to have dropped from existence, but there is a text description here:

If you want computerized timing, you have two options.

First is slot car racing software with a laser pointer/photodiode to trigger the laps. I am fairly certain this requires a parallel port on the computer. Many of the slot softwares are free and the parts required are cheap.

The other option is a proper R/C lap timing system. This is required if you intend on ever having more than one car on the track at once.

2011.02.25, 06:45 AM
ok, thanks.
I am looking into a proper system anyway.

2011.02.25, 06:55 AM
I built one and it works. You need an antenna to count with though. I added a cut straw around the attenna to break the laser beam.

It gives total time, fast lap for a preset number of laps.
It had the option of timed runs and lap runs.

You needed a aluminun brass tube and a light collector from radio shack to repalce the one that can with the microsizer.

I mounted the laser to 4x4x8in with velcro.

It worked good for single car time trials.

2011.02.25, 06:58 AM
Thanks, but my hope was that I could put the lasers beam accross the track and somehow hook the IR to my computer and use Flipside or Zround software until I pony up and get a real lap counting system.