View Full Version : Mini-Z racing at Cruizin

2011.02.25, 05:18 PM
New surface is fast.

SC18 racing...

2011.02.27, 01:23 AM
Thanks for posting...love that carpet to drive on!

2011.02.27, 07:16 PM
Here is another.

2011.02.27, 07:27 PM
what tires r u using on that surface?

2011.02.27, 07:42 PM
I think they are using silicone type tires. I don't have any Mini-Z's anymore. I go to play with other guys cars. :cool:

You can ask them on the other thread http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26917

2011.02.27, 07:48 PM
what tires r u using on that surface?

I was talking to EMU yesterday about this track, they are using silicone carpet tires.

2011.02.27, 07:51 PM
what tires r u using on that surface?

Rears: the best thus far are the Atomic AR-144 10 degree, the AR-005 work well also but don't have the same grip has the AR-144

Some of the guys tried the PN Carpet tires, they worked great only problem they came off the rims to easily. The hole diameter is to large for silicone based tires they need to have a much smaller hole diameter to stay on the rims.

Silicone base tires just don't stick well to the tire tape. The Atomic tires have a much smaller diameter so they fit tight on the rims and don't come off easily.

The Kyosho tires don't work has well especially after you start running silicone base tires. Some try the 20 degree narrow on the front tires with some success.

Front: people use a variety, AW Grove AR-142 30 degrees, AW Grove AR-141 20 degrees, AR-002 slicks 20 degrees

2011.02.27, 07:51 PM
Atomic tires are what we are running on the carpet,pn tire work too but I can't keep them on my car even with glue and tape

2011.02.27, 08:01 PM
don't worry Ron i will make u some tires that work (haha)

2011.02.27, 08:11 PM
Smiley I'd love that,atomic tires are awesome but if you have something I'd try them

2011.02.27, 08:40 PM
on the pn tires i had an issue getting them to stay on the wheel as well! i ended up going old school!
regular old super glue and plastic wheels!
that is what i used @ kyosho before they banned them!
it was .5 sec faster that the k rubber
like driving a slot car...lol:D

2011.02.28, 10:13 AM
I think rubber tires are only good for the AWD.

I use 21.5mm Atomic rear wheels and my tires never come off with R246 tape. I hate gluing. Stock wheel's diameter is 20mm. The car is also more stable with 21.5mm.