View Full Version : Wheels and tyres from autoscale body

2011.02.25, 05:29 PM
Hi all
I have bought an mro3 chassis and autoscale body (couldn't get the ready set package)
The body is the Ferrari 430 gt scuderia ecosse and I was wondering if the wheels and tyres that come with it are same as standard ones in ready set package?
They kinda feel the same but without running them I have no idea. I hope they are as the car set up needs to match other ready sets running at same time!
Thanks in advance

2011.02.25, 06:56 PM
Tires that come with AutoScales are usually a lot harder than those that come with body/chassis set. Paperwork that comes with body should tell you what shore tires are. ;)

2011.02.26, 03:48 AM
Thanks for that, I'll check the shore