View Full Version : Version 0.56 of Flip Side Racing software available

2011.02.26, 05:41 PM
Version 0.56 of Flip Side Racing software is now available for download. You can get it from the Flip Side Racing software project site (http://www.flipsideracing.org).

This not a huge update but is the first version to official support the Giro-Z USB hardware.

New Features

Giro-Z USB hardware support
Delete racers manually from a Free Play race by double clicking on them on the race screen


Added transparency around the graph on the statistics screen instead of the gray box
Check for updates feature now sends information about the install back to the site, this info includes version number, OS, lap counting hardware type, club name, number of racers and number of races. Disable check for updates if you do not want any information sent.
Added logic to rearrange controls on the general config screen so that the bottom row is not cut off on netbooks with a 1024x600 screen

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that caused some message boxes to appear blank in Windows 7
Added a reinitialization to the Core Speedway hardware after the race has been completed to help with Infinity 166 RFID modules

2011.03.05, 10:18 AM
Downloaded, installed and tested. In the first runs no problem at all and the deletion on drivers from free parctice is working just fine. Thanks!