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2011.02.27, 09:41 AM
Hello, I started a new project:
adapt a front chassis mini z MR03 on a front mini Z F1.
the thing is not easy at all is to me a lot of reflection. However, if the project succeeded and become reliable then this could be very interresting.

Yesterday I went to work and I could make this new front end functionality, yet I lack even adjust bindings for the maintenance of springs on the triangle and on the bottom of the springs, but I have my idea.

I'm not too unhappy about this project because even if it is wrong (I tremble a little at the time of joining), it remains functional.

This will Optionors interress although a bit more to this frame because there are too few options.


this is just the beginning, then I can see or be able to find defects and make changes even further, more reliable and easier to access especially for the less bricolleur;-)

update on the project followed: http://cmz31.aceboard.fr/15139-3154-21679-0-train-triangule-pepeuch.htm

Video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhafk9_demo-du-train-av-de-mini-z-mr03-sur-mini-z-f1_tech

New pictures of my F1 chassis:


2011.02.27, 04:58 PM
Cool project. I like these kind of homemade projects, and updating the F1's front kingpin suspension to the MR03 suspension would really be interesting. Looking forward to seeing more updates:)

Also pepeuch - I see you have "Brushless MR03 v2" in your signature. Any info on that you can give us? Your Brushless MR03 v1 build was awesome; The v2 sounds really cool man.

Keep up the cool mods pepeuch:D

2011.02.27, 05:04 PM
I like the idea. However, I do think that it will greatly reduce the strength of the chassis. I also feel that the rear end is much more important than the front on the F1. Getting the front to grip is easy, its getting the rear to hold in the corners that needs more focus... Do keep us updated on the development. The execution is good so far.

2011.02.27, 09:29 PM
kinda agree with emu on the front grip vs. rear grip issue... pretty cool idea though and i would definitely like to see some video as well as read a review about the completed version...

thanks for sharing and keep us updated... :D

2011.02.28, 05:54 AM
Hello, thank you for your comments, I hope to reach real achievements do something functional, now you tell if it will behave more difficult on the track, I can not say anything without testing, but meanwhile here's a quick little video nosewheel change in action, you remarqueraits it is very flexible!


2011.04.09, 02:16 AM
You might try our low profile MR03 front end which uses a spring underneath the lower arm. That should solve any clearance issues with the inner spring setup.


2012.02.13, 04:31 PM
Hello, my today work:



2012.03.01, 01:53 PM
I've been fooling around with this modification and I'm curious to ask if you notice a binding of the F1 knuckle where it attaches into the F1 steering rod...I found that when the suspension gets its "camber gain" as it compresses it binds in the F1 steering arm because of the lack of pivot ball in the F1 knuckle/steering arm interface.

It's something to watch out for.;)

2012.03.01, 04:03 PM
I think that could be a big problem with this setup. Also, the F1 has so much front grip already, compared to the rear, that having camber gain will increase it further, and make it harder to keep the rear gripping well.