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2011.02.28, 11:04 AM
Our first race at the HobbyTown Mooresville track on Saturday Feb 26 went very well. We had 10 drivers come out for some good racing. Wade put down a fun layout and traction was as good as the track at High Speed in Landis. The ILap timing system proved reliable and easy to use. HT provided loaner transponders and adaptor harnesses, they are ordering MiniZ specific transponders for purchase or rent though that will be easier to fit. Alright, on to the racing…

Albert and DJ were going at it hammer and tongs in the Stock B qualifiers with Albert taking the top spot on the grid. Lincoln was giving Team Nitro a run for their money down the grid and took the third starting spot. The B Main didn’t work out for Albert though, a bit of car trouble, crashes and the like let DJ and Lincoln by. DJ looked smooth for the win with Lincoln in second only two laps behind. Albert managed to salvage third. NitroJunkie (Ernest) and son Braden were getting smoother and faster throughout the day. A bit more running on this new track and they will be contenders.

The A Stock was composed of a bunch of High Speed regulars bashing into each other yet again in a new arena. Wade took the TQ with a pack of throttle jockeys right on the back of his Mosler. The race turned into a real scorcher for Wade and myself, we were swapping the lead and leaning on each other for the whole race. Wade took it a bit too easy on the last corner leading up to the main straight which let me get on his back bumper Daytona style. I got next to him and we were bashin’ and rubbin’ door handles all the way up to the ILap bridge and I just got it by .06 second. It’s one I will remember... and he didn’t punch me out or nuthin! Jay, Don and Josh had their own battles going but I can’t say what I happened… I was a little busy.

The LM quals were mayhem with 7 cars on the track sporting mod power. DJ and Albert joined in the fun and were bashing like old pros! Wade took the TQ with Josh saying enough is enough and sat out the Main. In the Main, Wade had some issue with his Sauber and I managed to luck into a clean start and a cruise for the win. Jay took second with Don in third.

Thanks again to all who came out to race. Thanks again to Brent and Mark for a great new venue to race. We had a few locals and 10th scalers check out the action. I hope some of them decide to get a Z and join us for some racing in the near future. If we could convince even a quarter of the folks that walk out of that joint with a Traxxas monster truck that Z racing is more fun and you won't be tearing your junk up when you hit the swingset in the backyard we would be crankin!

Results attached…

2011.02.28, 11:31 AM
Wish I could have been there. I like the data this timing system provides...

2011.02.28, 05:23 PM
it was a good time i finally came in 1st in a race cant wait to race again

2011.02.28, 07:22 PM
You and DJ had some good racing going on, too bad you had problems in the Main.

2011.03.07, 11:13 AM
Another fun day of racing at the new HT track. Don and Taylor - Burton Boys Racing was in full force along with Mike, Albert, NitroJunkie with son Braden and myself. We had two heats of stock and 1 full heat of LM. Taylor was up to speed even though he has been taking time off from Mini Z racing to get an education and a career - guess dad told him he's gotta buy his own tires and motors from now on.

I can't race next weekend, my wife says if I don't get some house chores done I am not getting any new tires or motors! NitroJunkie is learning the timing system so it should go smoothly... have fun!

Results attached...

2011.03.07, 12:05 PM
Wow! Looks like Taylor was nipping at your rear defusor in both stock and LM. Maybe he needs more time away from Mini-Zing.

DJ Rattray
2011.03.08, 09:14 AM
Albert, Good job with that B win. Wish I was there.....