View Full Version : Lookin for a damper plate...

DJ Rattray
2011.03.01, 06:36 PM
anybody have a damper plate for sale, for an ATM mid motor mount?

2011.03.01, 08:34 PM
You can get one at the shop brand new for about 12 bucks or so. I think a complete dampner set with post, discs and springs is like 26 bucks or so.

DJ Rattray
2011.03.01, 08:38 PM
yeah I know but Im on a tight budget, just tryin to see if anybody has a used one for sale.

2011.03.01, 08:44 PM
Try Wade or Don, maybe Marwan. Or list WTB on the Market Place here on the forum somebody is bond to have one.

2011.03.01, 10:40 PM
I sent a PM regarding this... Just let me know what you need, after going TDS on most of my cars, I have plenty of damper plates.

2011.03.02, 04:48 AM
DJ, EMU is a stand up guy. We at HSH all know him and have raced with him.

That said, ATM plates are not WB adjustable. So you'll have to let him know if its 94 or 98mm you are looking for...

DJ Rattray
2011.03.02, 09:24 AM
Its for the car ive been letting my girlfriend race with, and I got the mount from Albert. The one he was running on his stock up until last week. If I have to go to a stock body thats no problem. But if it is possible for me to squeeze a LM body on that mount id like to run LM with it Saturday.

2011.03.02, 09:30 AM
I'll have to take a look at it. Wasn't there last week, so didn't see the car you are talking about. Will you be there tomorrow?

If you want an LM rear pod, I may have an extra stock one for you. They work pretty well because they come with a disk damper.

DJ Rattray
2011.03.02, 12:16 PM
yeah thats what I had I through it out. Im switching it so I can easily adjust gear mesch and change pinions.

2011.03.02, 02:00 PM
DJ, Ive got a lot of extra parts, especially motor mounts and DDS systems, as Ive been changing over to tri-shock set ups. If there is anything you need, I could hook you up very cheap. I almost never list my stuff online, as I'd rather save it for people I will actually race with. As much as I run with the HS group (and hopefully the new HT group), I'd be happy to send some stuff your way....for VERY cheap. I think I have an extra PN 98/102 (good pod for LM cars), and know I have extra PN and ATM 94/98 pods and their respective DDS. I've got one of the ATM 96mm mounts as well.

2011.03.02, 03:07 PM
Whether you go with Landon's equipment or mine, it should be nearly identical parts, at nearly identical prices ;)