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2011.03.01, 10:49 PM
I know this is not new, but have you guys ever saw one ? Any impressions ?

I loved the idea of being able to use Mini-Z Autoscale bodies on Slot Cars.

At least for us who don't have an active MINI-Z Track nearby can have the option of racing in slot tracks :-)






2011.05.03, 09:23 AM
Hi Kyoshosan,

I got one of these for one of my kids with a silver McLaren F1 body. It drives well although I'm not totally convinced. The most obvious improvement for me over 1/32 was the fact that you only need one (or a few) chassis/running gear etc. It seems crazy to me that every 'normal' slot car has a motor & that there are no dummy chassis. Thats a lot of motors if you have a large collection

Your so right about using mini-z for slot racing, it makes a lot of sense to me (& a lot of Germans it seems). Myself & a good friend have a very large 1/32 slot track in his loft but I could never persuade him into 1:28 scale. Together we have too many 1/32 cars & he is way too attached to his to sell them off. I even said we could use my collection of z's which at that time was massive including direct swaps for cars we had, Supra's, Porsche 934's etc. In the end I got some Ninco track here at home for me & the kids to have some fun with.

I have a Plaffit chassis with a Ferrari Dino & my youngest kid has an oldskool Mini (lit) on a simple pcs32 chassis.

I'm also a big fan of running without magnets & for me an MR01 bodged into a slot car is ideal. A slot car with a diff is an amazing thing... Ages ago I made myself a simple conversion using a brass plate & tube but even easier is to hack into the front body lock plate. You can even get away with using a dummy chassis with an MR01 motor mount.

I'll post some pictures if anybody's interested.

2011.05.10, 01:06 PM
Sorry again for the late reply :-)

I still haven't had the change to go out and drive my new PN Slot car, but I'm looking forward to do it. First Impression was that I found the chassis to be quite heavy, don't know if you noticed it ? Can't say much for handling tough, since I haven't had a change to race them.

I understand your friend, I'd would never sell my collection of Mini-Zs to go to 1/32 scale :-) We get very attached to these things :-)

So, if I understood you right, you've been racing it on a 1/32 scale track, have you ever thried on a 1/24 scale ? any difference ? I know that in Portugal PN Slot racing is big and i love seeing their races.

2011.05.12, 01:16 PM
Any chance these can be made to fit the SCX Digital Guide pins and chips? to make them digital? And are they narrow enough to use the newer 1/28 Fiat 500 bodies? I might setup my slot car track at a Chrystler/Fiat Employee family event... and it would make sense if I used all Fiat bodies... (6 cars)

http://www.SlotCarRental.com ;)

2011.05.12, 10:49 PM
I can't answer your SCX question, but the Fiat 500 Body does fit this chassis, see here:

PN Slot Fiat Abarth-500 (http://kyoshosan.blogspot.com/2011/05/pn-slot-fiat-abarth-500.html)