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2011.03.02, 08:04 PM
FYI: I am programming an automatic upload and display system, so that we will be able to view all racing results online. I am hopeful to include all qualifiers and of course the finals, all in pdf form. The best part is no one will ever have to upload them! Its even possible that they could be posted before we even leave Cruizin!! Should be a few weeks, as I am just picking at the task as time allows. Stay tuned!

2011.03.02, 10:53 PM
You may want to look at "PDF Split and Merge" http://www.pdfsam.org/

We use the free version to put the final summary and all the individual heats and mains from RC Scoring Pro into one PDF to post.

Once you do it once or twice, it literally takes less than a minute to do.

In addition to the easy GUI, it can also be called from a command line. This may cut down on your dev time.



2011.03.03, 06:09 AM
Thanks craig, ill look into this option. It would certainly make dev time shorter!

2011.04.01, 09:37 AM
Well, I am finished with the programming and testing on the auto upload of results system. Find results on CruizinRC.com or click the link in my signature. Results are available after each qualifying round, and then again after the mains.

Haf fun...