View Full Version : please post pics / reviews of your nissan r390gt1

2011.03.03, 12:10 AM
hi folks... just wanted to see if anybody who has them can post pictures...

reason being... they actually don't come with rims (they are sold as a body only by route 246) and i'm just interested/curious as to know what rims you paired with this body...

other info on this body:
i believe that the offsets are front 1.5n; rear 0w (using the mr03 wide lm setting)
wheelbase 3L (102mm)

don't know anything about it's durability and i don't remember reading any reviews on it (regarding how well it performs during racing) or hear of anybody using it on the track for actual racing as well...

perhaps 102mm wheelbase is too long? (more like the lm series - porche 926, mazda 787, mercedes c9 etc...) so wondering how those lm rims would look on the r390 too...

would appreciate anything really since it looks like a real nice body... thanks in advance... :D

2011.03.03, 08:28 AM
I don't have mine yet, but if you want to stick with the original styling of the race car I believe it had mesh type wheels similar to what you would see on the Corvette autoscale(sorry only one that came to mind from memory).