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DJ Rattray
2011.03.04, 09:38 AM
I am brand new to mini-z I used to be very competitive racing 10th scale dirt oval. I understand the importance of matched cells, and discharging NMH. But we baught matched cells. Well anyway Its alot different when it comes to AAA's. I just purchased an Orion Clubman Advantage charger. Im going to build a battery tray. Should I build it to charge/discharge 1 cell at a time or 4? and how long would it take to charge 6 sets of batteries one cell at a time?

DJ Rattray
2011.03.04, 11:18 AM
and how many amps should I charge a single trp 900 cell at? Also how many amps should I discharge at?

2011.03.04, 11:35 AM
I charge at 1A with my MAHA. I have a CE Pit Bull that I use to peak at the track, usually 2.5A. Seeing it takes 20-30 minutes to charge a cell it would take 8-12 hours of just charging to get them all done plus time to swap them out. A MAHA or Lacross is a good investment (or three more Clubmans). HobbyKing has a shop branded Quattro charger for about 90 bucks that does four cells at a time as well.

2011.03.04, 12:01 PM
what pedro said. i use the maha 8 cell charger. then use the quatro to peak each cell at 2.5-3.0 amps per cell just before i go on the track. i use a muchmore discharger that runs at 5amps per cell.

2011.03.04, 12:23 PM
i use a muchmore discharger that runs at 5amps per cell.

Which one do you use? THIS (http://www.muchmoreusa.com/dischargers/mmrp1032.html) one they made for AAAs discharges at 500mA.

2011.03.04, 12:29 PM
its made for sub c. its the cdx-2 if im not mistaking.

2011.03.04, 01:05 PM
Thanks. You MB guys are so high tech.

2011.03.04, 01:14 PM
one things for sure. i can never blame my equipment for my short comings

2011.03.04, 01:26 PM
I hear ya! That's why Jay says "We will not fail for lack of technology!" :)

DJ Rattray
2011.03.06, 12:01 PM
Thanks for the info.

Im kinda stuck with the equipment I have right now for the next couple weeks. I also have an energizer charger that charges 4 cells individually at one time. according to my volt readings from my clubman the energizer gets them up to about 1.49v.

I have a plan for this week please correct me if Im wrong. Would my best option be to discharge the day before the race with my clubman. Then charge with the Energizer on race day and peak with the clubman right before the race?

Using this method most of my cells peak at 1.5v 4 of them peak around 1.59v. Should I use those 4 cells together for the main?

2011.03.06, 12:21 PM
yes that is the best way. dont worry so much about volts. look at the discharge rate and mah after charge. wont be able to do that with the energizer but if you can see the discharge rate you should be fine.