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2011.03.06, 07:36 AM
Was just wondering about this
Yesterday at the ARCMS Winternats I encountered a steering gear that
got gummed up and was jamming my steering
Anyway the gears were repleaced but it is possible to
use either a hobby knife or a razor to clean out the gummed out ones
for future reuse or are they just shot now?

2011.03.06, 05:13 PM
Hey Mike,

The servo gears can be cleaned and kept for future use. Anything that can reach in between the gear teeth can be used, I use a pointed 'pick' tool. RCP particles will find their way into the gear area and when they get into the gear teeth they tend stay put. Cleaning them should be part of routine maintenance.

When servo gear problems show up it is usually because of one gear in particular. The most exposed gear is the one that breaks because it gets hit with the highest leverage forces. The gears get hit with reduced force as thay get closer to the servo motor because of the gear reduction. I had to replace a broken one in my wide 03. If we are talking about an 03, there are beefed up aftermarket gears out there to replace the one that usually breaks.

Keeping the remaining good gears can be helpful in builds where you start out by buying a chassis. Adding an aftermarket servo gear is a little bit of preperation that you can do to keep yourself safe.

2011.03.07, 04:39 PM
Thanks for the info
Thats exactly what happened
The road dust got in there and I never bothered to clean them out
I only blew them out with a compressor that we have at our track
(One of the best in the world, There's your plug Al!)
Action RC Mini-speedway here in Staten Island, and had the steering
jammed on my 015 about an hour before Green Flag at the WinterNationals
so I just decided to replace them,
They were really caked up! So atleast now after a bit of simple
maintenance I'll have a backup set incase of an emergency!!!

2011.03.07, 04:50 PM
a stiff tooth brush is good for cleaning them out as well. I just did my son's car yesterday.

2011.03.08, 09:39 PM
a stiff tooth brush is good for cleaning them out as well. I just did my son's car yesterday.

Brian Thanks
would have never thought of that
I was going to use a small bladed hobby knife but with my luck would
have ended up with a bunch of small cuts!:eek:
Anyway this way seems alot safer for me!