View Full Version : getting rid of "double tap" reverse delay MR-03 + EX-5 UR

2011.03.07, 11:30 PM
New MR-03 with EX-5 UR radio slowed to about 35% using the EX-5 radio settings ...this is our rental setup for our event/party track.

Beginners don't like the necessity to double-tap or the "delay" in going from forward to reverse. I've tried adjusting the trim on throttle to "7 steps down" as suggested in another thread, but that simply makes reverse more consistent; it doesn't get rid of the delay or the need to double tap the throttle to go into reverse.

Anyone know of an ICS setting or EX-5 setting that can help eliminate this? ..it's the one thing keeping the MR-03 from being by far the best "rental" we have used.

2011.07.01, 01:56 PM
I believe it was Hood,who worked out the abs settings(in a thread related to getting rid of the reverse delay on 02's) where you held the brake and the car stopped then went into reverse.
I had a quick look but couldn't find the thread.

2011.07.01, 06:55 PM
The MR-03 has a reverse lockout delay built into the ICS settings. You can turn that completely off with the BACKTIM setting.

That said, there is no way to disable the brake entirely, so your kids are always going to have to double-tap. Good skill to learn anyways, whether for racing, shooting games, lol...