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2011.03.09, 04:49 AM
Hi All
I am just about to launch a mini z racing care hire event and have bought 5 pairs of cars (1 set for racing and 1 spare set).
The only mod I have made so far is bearings but I would like to add some other upgrades which will help to make tuning cars easier eg adjustable damping, front suspension tuning etc. I don't really want to put hotter motors in unless there is one that is known to run cooler and be more durable than stock. I certainly don't want to change fets etc.
I don't want to spend a fortune given that I have got to buy 10 of everything (or 5 to start with) but want items that will enable me to tweak set ups between runs. I also need to bear in mind that the 5 cars are different (see below LM/RM and 3 different wheelbases)
I have seen the type of things Reflex sell and am really impressed but got a bit lost when looking at the pages and pages of options.
The bodies I run are;
Porsche 911 GT1 LM 1996 98mm
Porshce 911 GT3 RSR RM 98mm
Ferrari F430GT Scuderia RM 94mm
Sauber Mercedes C9 No61 LM 102mm
Porsche 962 KH 1987 LM 102mm
Any advice greatly appreciated

2011.03.09, 05:39 AM
Personally, I'd get the following to keep your set versatile for possible future setup changes: PN 90mm MidMounts for 90-98mm cars and new Reflex Racing mounts for 94-102; the missing damper disk system parts for PN mounts (I believe the disks themselves, the post, and springs), and either tri-shock or damper disk systems for reflex mounts; your choice of T plates; reflex long kingpin sets; PN MR02/15 Low-down spring sets; and lastly 3racing ball differentials. This stuff should be nice bang-for-the-buck and allow enough tuning as well as setup flexibility.

2011.03.09, 06:25 AM
Thanks for this, very useful. I'll take a look at these upgrades

2011.03.09, 08:50 PM
The cheap stuff is pretty effective too:

Front spring sets
Tie rod sets
T-plate sets
washers with 2.5mm holes can be used to adjust front ride height, camber, track width, front body mount height, etc.

Tires of course

Rear oil dampers are good too, you can tune the rear with spring clips, oils, etc.

Also, you don't have to worry about damaging FETs if the motor's got a polyswitch, like kyosho x-speeds.

2011.03.09, 09:21 PM
I noticed you didn't put different tires on the cars. Some people don't understand this still, but tires are #1!!! You can't make a car good with a good setup but tires that won't hook up to a track. Chances are you won't need anything else except tires and bearings. Kyosho 30 degree slick front and 20 slick rear wides work basically everywhere...that should be a good starting point. I wouldn't buy anything else, but get a lot of tires!