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2011.03.11, 10:16 AM
Im looking at a online retail source and they have the new MR03 with tiki tiki chase mode. It shows two videos of the item being used however its in Japanese and IMO the sub tittle are very helpful either. So my question is....what is tiki tiki chase mode?


2011.03.11, 10:34 AM
Look HERE (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35078&highlight=tiki) ;)

2011.03.11, 10:44 AM
Thanks, but I'm even more confused. :confused:

2011.03.11, 12:26 PM
It's a board that runs at 70% with a three second turbo that makes the board run at full capacity. I think:confused:.

That's what I gathered from reading the posts of many much smarter than myself:).

Could be cool, probably not necessary. The red chassis is definately hot. And the word Tikki gives me the urge to drink lots of fruity alcohol drinks and chase women in grass skirts (or my wife anyway) around a beach some where.

2011.03.11, 12:27 PM
sounds like its a "push to pass" capacitor system. i guess that some sort of energy storage unit or a maximum # of 110% throttle directly controlled by a 3ch button on your TX.

Sounds interesting but i dont think it'd be something for me...my racing is more about avoiding mistakes and waiting for opponents to make mistakes (we race stock motors and limited gearing nowadays)

180SX SR20
2011.05.30, 10:44 PM
i just purchased an MR03 with chase/tiki tiki mode. Its automatically set to normal 100% throttle. You have to activate the chase mode with your PC. The "chase/tiki tiki" chassis comes in black too btw.

2011.05.31, 12:59 PM
I just picked up 2 of the red special edition cars. They come with x-speed motors. I planned on doing a video review to help everyone understand what the cars do a little more.

Since they come with the x-speed motor, I was going to do
1. With stock Kyosho vs One with X-speed. Curious to see what difference there is with an x-speed at 70% vs stock motor at 100%. Perhaps this would race like a normal car and the x-speed would give you the speed boost.

2 Both with PN 70t motors to see what racing is like slowed down to 70%. It is closer and more interesting?

3. Plan is to use the LM bodies since the Red Chassis is setup for this out of the box.

4. Videos of the ICS interface and configuration screens.

5. Perhaps come up with a method of handicapping. 3 channel radios to be tested will be the ex-10 with a module, and hopefully an ex5-ur. May even try a 3pk with the module and adapter.

Anyone have any suggestions of what else they'd like to see videos of?

2011.05.31, 11:25 PM
re: method of handicapping... i've read that you can set the number of 'boosts' up to 5 (i think) but not sure... of course better drivers get lesser boosts compared to other drivers... if it's a one on one thing i guess it's pretty much up to the negotiating skills between the two drivers...

in races, you can assign certain number of boosts based on a time trial perhaps...
tq gets 0 boosts, next gets 1 boost, next gets 2 boosts and so on...

it's just a suggestion though so i don't know how it will fit into general racing rules, or how it would be accepted etc...

2011.06.01, 07:59 AM
Tiki Tiki or Chase Mode explained:


Scroll down to the "MR-03 Tiki Tiki (Chase Mode)" section.

2011.06.01, 09:50 PM
thanks for the link... cut and pasted for all to see... :D
looks like i stand corrected...

Chase mode (also known as Tiki Tiki mode in Asia) functions to limit power output to 70% of full throttle. When the moment comes to attack, a push of the 3rd channel button on the transmitter increases power output to 100% for 3-second burst of speed. This enables greater driving control and also adds the excitement of overtaking duels so drivers can enjoy nose to tail racing battles. Also, the number of power boosts can be set to apply a handicapping system to level the playing field for drivers of different experience levels. At the time of shipment, the overtake function is set to a maximum of 5 times per race.

How to activate the Chase mode
At the time of shipment, the MR-03 with Chase mode is set with its standard 100% power output setting. The Chase mode is activated simply by pressing and holding down the pairing button.

How does the Chase mode Handicap System Work?
The number of 3-second Chase mode speed bursts of 100% power output that can be used is able to be limited for each race. Depending on the driver$B!G(Js skill level, the number of Chase mode speed bursts can be set higher or lower, and therefore apply a handicapping system for the race. Drivers of any skill or confidence level can compete effectively and enjoy racing with this handicap system.
(Requires optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and PC to change handicap settings).

Number of speed bursts for each Handicap Classes
Chase mode Legend- 1 times
Chase mode Champ- 3 times
No Handicap- 5 times
Handicap +1- 6 times
Handicap +2- 7 times
Handicap +3- 8 times
Handicap +4- 9 times
Handicap +5- 10 times
Handicap +6- 15 times
Handicap +MAX- 250 times

The number of speed bursts in Chase mode is counted from when the chassis power is switched on until it is switched off. Each time the chassis power is switched on, the number of speed bursts enabled is reset allowing the handicap to be applied at the start of each race.

2011.06.01, 09:52 PM
max handicap 250 times??!!!??? lol
wonder if their would be a handicap +7, +8, +9 and so on...