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2011.03.15, 11:46 AM
I posted this in the Kyosho section; but not sure if it was even noticed...so I've re-posted here.

New MR-03 with EX-5 UR radio slowed to about 35% using the EX-5 radio settings ...this is our rental setup for our event/party track.

Beginners don't like the necessity to double-tap or the "delay" in going from forward to reverse. I've tried adjusting the trim on throttle to "7 steps down" as suggested in another thread, but that simply makes reverse more consistent; it doesn't get rid of the delay or the need to double tap the throttle to go into reverse.

Anyone know of an ICS setting or EX-5 setting that can help eliminate this? ..it's the one thing keeping the MR-03 from being by far the best "rental" we have used.
Lorne Cherry
R/C Track Designer
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2011.03.15, 11:49 AM
As far as I know, you must double tap to enter reverse. I dont think there is a way to turn it off, otherwise, you lose all of the brake functionality.

2011.03.15, 12:05 PM
am boards are the only ones with direct reverse. all your doing with 2.4 is mimizing the delay.

please correct me if i'm wrong but this is what it seems to boil down to.

2011.03.15, 01:30 PM
...but with digital/computer, you should be able emulate any AM setting; and since we don't use "transmissions" per se, there seems no harm in directly going into reverse. Even if this is not possible using the present combination (and it should be) ...someone, somewhere should be able to do a hack?

And as far-fetched as this may sound, it would be nice to be able to use the third channel on the EX-5 to "reverse" or "forward" and then just use a regular throttle input to control speed or either direction ...just like a full scale car. (If there's anyone out there with an electrical engineering background that could do this, we would certainly be interested in participating in the project)

I bring this up because it is, by far, the single most complaint we get regarding beginners (over 1,000 "rental" drivers in the past few months).

2011.03.16, 03:12 PM
Just a thought (I may be wrong) wouldnt it be easier to just disable the brake function in the cars like in the i-series version. I mean alot of begginers dont use break anyways just let off the throttle. Or would it still need double tap if the brake was just disabled?

2011.03.16, 05:18 PM
...yes, a switch or setting to disable the brake function (or even key it to the third channel on the newer EX-5s, ...or via a separate function in the ICS settings) would certainly make sense. And that's certainly something that seems very doable via ICS, computer radio, or both.

Giving the option to make the radio more "car-like" for beginners, while retaining the option to brake via reverse for advanced racers, can only be a good thing.

2011.03.17, 04:00 AM
Well, it seems that our various MR-03s came setup different from the factory! On two of cars (JCCP Cup/Tiki-Tiki) the ICS settings were 'false'. When I reset the BAK TIM function to "1" using the new MR-03 software and the ICS, the reverse delay is all-but gone and I still retain a little braking. (trying to think back if I used an older version of the software when I first set them up; perhaps that was the problem).

Going to test this some more; but there's a huge difference (not linear) from going to "1" from the default of "2". And, even when I reset via the ICS to "2" from the supposed "2" set from the factory, the car became much more usable with respect to the reverse double-tap.

Between the ICS settings and the EX-5 functionality/settings, there's a lot to learn and Kyosho does not make it very intuitive for something that has so much effect on making the car drivable.

2011.08.28, 02:20 PM

Sorry for digging up this old thread.
Have you tried using the ABS function of the transmitter?
If you setup the car with no delay at all, and setup the transmitter with abs maybe it would go in reverse automaticly.
Disadvantage maybe would be that your car would stutter while in reverse.

This is the dirst idea that poped in my head so dont shoot me if it doesnt work :p