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2011.03.17, 02:28 PM
just a heads up but i am working on a proper tri-shock system for the F1. my goal is to get one designed that will fit under the body and utilize the popular PN mount. so more than likey it will have some sort of cantilever design since thats the only way to get all three shock mounted fore and aft. as i start to come up with ideas i will post some of the CAD work to see what ya think! the shocks are on order and should be here in a few weeks since they are coming from HK.

2011.03.17, 04:06 PM
Sounds good...Marcus.:)

2011.03.31, 12:40 PM
shocks came in today! should have a working prototype next week!

2011.03.31, 01:27 PM
That was quick! Look forward to see what you come up with!

2011.03.31, 01:44 PM
i have been looking at it for the last hour or so and its going to be a really tight fit to get it under the body especially the Ferrari. it looks like its definately going to have to be a cantilever style and the board will need to be moved forward. i already ahve instructions on the board movement from the old cantilever setup.

2011.03.31, 06:00 PM
well here is the first prototype, mild clearancing necessary on the Mclaren body, no go for the Ferrari without some bodywork (which is not hard to do). a few more dimensions to change. and then i will send out for testing.:

2011.03.31, 06:48 PM
Looks like a cool concept. Trimming the body some isnt a big issue i wouldnt think.

2011.03.31, 07:35 PM
its the only way to get it under the body. and i like the fact that it seperates up and down from sideways. hows testing going? havent heard any feedback from ya yet!

2011.03.31, 09:18 PM
Tonight.........ill let you know.;)

2011.03.31, 10:42 PM
Beautiful! Thats a much easier way then how I was going about it.

I will be doing extensive testing on the new plates this weekend. We had a race last weekend and I was going to test there but didnt have time. Plus the track was green and grip was non exsistent. I'll be on a track I know well this weekend so Ill be able to really get an idea of how they work. They should compliment the tri-shock setup very well.

2011.04.01, 01:30 AM
I really like how this is designed. There really is very little space under these bodies, and if this works the way I think it does, you fit a lot of adjustability in a small package. I look forward to testing it :)

2011.04.01, 01:44 AM
Interested to find out how it compares to the Kyosho DPS?

2011.04.20, 09:28 AM
hopefully the new gernation shocks limit over extension/droop. That was the problem with PINOYBOY and mine tri shock f1s a 2 years ago. great traction but if you had a bad wreck/traction roll the pod could droop and over extend the SAS shock would fall apart. No incidents and they were great.

But I have been running a PN pod with a lower shock mount and atomic disk damper and traction has not been an issue once all the body clearance were solved, multiple side to side issues.
atomic stock r - and fetted 2.4 board - glued tires are required

2011.04.20, 10:22 AM
i did run into that when designing it, it is tricky to find the right amount of movement and spring combo. They are the same shocks used on the reflex MR tri-shock so i dont foresee that being a problem, secondly the shocks are activated by a cantilever so any up and down movement from the pod doesnt effect the trishocks at all, they only move when the pod is twisted! one thing i did find necessary is to drill a vent hole in the shock to prevent unwanted rebound.

2011.04.26, 05:55 PM
well, just got the approval from Matt! it works very well, gets rid of the dreaded tweak and increased traction! so i will open up pre-order in a day or so and begin production next week.

2011.04.26, 07:09 PM
Sounds good... :)

2011.04.26, 09:36 PM
Good to hear.

2011.04.30, 07:42 PM
Really looking forward to try this out.
Looks promising.

2011.04.30, 09:42 PM
pre-orders will start tomorrow afternoon, i already have 15 going to Japan and 5 going to Canada accounted for plus the team guys so i strongly suggest that if you want one, pre-order tomorrow, im only making about 5 more than what is pre-ordered.

2011.04.30, 10:48 PM
Today was my first F1 race since the PNWC finals, and boy did I wish that I had the tri-shock. I got to check out Matt Wards setup, and it looks and feels great. I cant wait to get mine :D I will definitely pre-order at least one more set... Are you planning to do another batch in the future?

BTW, I won the East Coast Districts F1 class today at Maj's Hobby Shop ;) I ran the harder CF t-plate, and wanted a little more lateral stiffness, which is exactly what this part does. It also allows you to dial out the dreaded tweak issues that the F1 chassis has. I cant wait!!! This would be perfect with the FRP t-plate option. Im stoked. I cant thank you enough for producing the parts that you do for this chassis.

2011.05.01, 12:39 AM
Im with Eugene. Got to look at it. Very simple but looks very effective and doesnt take up much space.

Unfortunely my EAST COAST DISTRICTS F-1 race ended with steering failure.:mad::( Up till then, i was sitting for a sure 3rd place in the a-main starting grid.:rolleyes:

2011.05.01, 04:01 PM
PRE-ORDERS are ready to be accepted. i will start machining them thursday so the cutoff date is Wed night!


2011.05.02, 07:33 PM
Here are some good pics of the Tri-Shock. This setup is great, anyone who has used a tri shock on a 02/03 knows how good they are and the advantages they have. Now you can have all that but on a chassis that truly needed it. Traction is better, tweak is gone and the handling is very consistent.


2011.05.03, 04:39 AM
That looks beautiful. Well done Marcus for hiding the cantilever hinge as well! I actually can't figure out where you've put it, I can only guess from the shock angles. :)

2011.05.03, 08:22 AM
its a very tight fit! took a few times to get it right.

2011.05.03, 10:55 AM
Just had a look at the very nice tutorial on your website -- well done!
Looking at the picture, it seems that the board is the shorter MR-03 board ---will this work with the MR-02 2.4GHz board?
Also, I have a Ferrari body that has been trimmed quite a lot already --- will this work or will this simply require way to much trimming?

thanks in advance

2011.05.03, 02:41 PM
i have an 02 board on my car and that is what it was designed around. on the ferrari body you will just have to more clearancing, if its already got holes in than it wont be a big deal!! on teh Macleran body you just have to clearance for the shock screws.

2011.05.03, 03:10 PM
Thanks for the prompt reply.
My Ferrari body already looks like swiss cheese, so more trimming is not an issue.
A final question: pictures have seen all have the Mantisworx T-plate; Does the system allow to keep the regular side plates and (most critical) the metal hinge for the battery cover?
In all instances, I will put my pre-order in tonight....


2011.05.03, 03:19 PM
you know what, i honestly do not know about the metal hinge, i havent had one on my car for over a year!! maybe EMU can chime in on that one. the side plates will work but not recommended, the side plates do not have a swivel point therefore the cantilever arm will not function properly.

2011.05.03, 05:11 PM
It looks like the metal clip for the battery door cannot go on with the tri shock. The two screw holes are directly under the shocks so you couldnt put nuts on them and there is nothig else to attach to. you ma be able to glue or epoxy it in place under the tri shock assembly but I cant say for sure.

2011.05.03, 06:41 PM
Thanks for all the help.
this is not an issue, since Marcus answered the most important aspect "side plates do not have a swivel point therefore the cantilever arm will not function properly"... so I guess I will also go with the T-plate --- just wanted to avoid having to remove it each time I change batteries --- but I guess four screws is not a big deal.

2011.05.03, 06:59 PM
once you feel the difference with the t plate you wont care!! its a night and day difference!

tower bar, G10 t plate and tri-shock will rock your world! the tower bars eliminate the "initial grab" and more high speed steering while the trishock and t plate increase traction in the rear. most importantly........YOU CAN DIAL OUT THE DREADED TWEEEEEEEEEEK!

2011.05.03, 08:18 PM
once you feel the difference with the t plate you wont care!! its a night and day difference!

tower bar, G10 t plate and tri-shock will rock your world! the tower bars eliminate the "initial grab" and more high speed steering while the trishock and t plate increase traction in the rear. most importantly........YOU CAN DIAL OUT THE DREADED TWEEEEEEEEEEK!

For sure..........:):):):)

2011.05.12, 07:29 PM
all machining is done , waiting on hardware which should be here monday so shipping shoudl start on tuesday or wednesday.

2011.05.17, 06:12 PM
Hardware came in yesterday, all pre-orders should ship out tomorrow or thursday depending on how tired i get tonight assembling and cleaning!! here is a schematic of the screw size and locations. i am doing an install video over the weekend. couple of things to note:
center bearing is not included (std front wheel bearing)
spring perch is not included either, if you own a mini-z you should have plenty of them, i finally ran out!
the system will not work unless you relocate the board and there is an article on that at mantisworx.com


the cross hatched pc is a neat looking carbon fiber plate used to hold it all down!

2011.05.17, 08:26 PM
Looks/Sounds good!

2011.05.18, 07:56 PM
pre orders shipped out today!

2011.06.13, 05:25 PM
is this thing on!!LOL any feedback guys?

2011.06.13, 08:19 PM

Been busy but i finally got some testing with it yesterday for first time. Im thinking ive gainned rear grip. Im still experimenting with different shock options as well as springs, t-bar etc...I think this is the best option for thr rear of the F-1.:)