View Full Version : Looking for Crystals for MINI-Z

2002.07.23, 02:00 PM
Well now that I have a 5 Mini-z's I have duplicate Crystals. I say a guy on eBay a while back seleling uniqe Crystals for the mini-z for like $8 a set. Does anyone else know where you can get a set of Crystals for the mini-z cheep. I have a couple extra sets of duplicate freq I could consider trading if anyone is interested.


2002.07.23, 02:09 PM
These should be obtainable at almost any reputable hobby shop that deals in RC equipment.
I don't know if your running 27MHz or 40MHz, but either way, they shouldn't cost too much.

2002.07.23, 02:13 PM
Well tower hobby sells them for $11.99 a set. and I do not have a local hobby store. The guy on eBay had some uniqe freq that would have been helpfull.


2002.07.23, 02:33 PM
Well.. I know of 6 different frequencies that I can use with my mini-z.
Standard AM27 xtals will work on a mini-z, no matter what kyosho or your hobby shop tells you.

2002.07.23, 04:21 PM
I have a duplicate set, e-mail me and see if we have any different.