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Mike Keely
2011.03.20, 12:37 PM
For anyone looking to come out to the Mini-Z races we have scheduled for the last Saturday of each month, here is some of the details. We are going to be part of the Reflex Racing Club Series and here is some of the info on it.

Reflex Racing Club Series

What it is:
The Reflex Racing Club series is a race series that is intended to promote local racing at clubs across the planet. No matter where, no matter what surface. The only thing that is limited is the scale of racing.

The Sponsorship:
Reflex Racing will provide each club or hobby shop in charge of the track a gift certificate for each series winner totaling $50.00 on Reflex Racing brand Merchandise. During the duration of each series, each club and or Hobby Shop will also be handed down a 10% discount across ALL PRODUCTS (some exclusions apply) available through the store, these discounts are to be handed down to all REFLEX CLUB SERIES participants. If a track has a local store, the discount will be through the individual shop. If the track is a club, a discount code will be issued to each one of the club members participating in a race series so they can redeem this discount when they check out of the store. A maximum of 2 race series per club can be run simultaneously. There is no limit on how many race series can be run. Only 1 race per week, per series may be scheduled.

The Rules:
Well, they are very simple. Basically each series is an independent series organized and run by each individual club. The classes are chosen by each individual club. This ensures that each club races what is most popular at each individual location.

The only guidelines needed to be followed are:

1.Class Stucture:
A. The stock class must run 4 AAA NiMH batteries and a 130 size, 70 Turn Brushed Motor, with bushings.
B. The Modified class has the option of running 4 AAA NiMH batteries and free motor OR a 70 Turn Motor with LiFE batteries, such as the ones made by R246.
C. All Classes must be run on Rubber Tires.

2.Classes Available:
A. For the stock Classes, you must select one of the ones below (or similar theme)
-Renault Megane Trophy
-Mini Cooper Cup
-GT2 only cars (F40, 911 GT2/GT3, BMW M3GTR)
-DTM Class (AMG, Audi)
-JGTC (NSX, 350Z, Lexus)
-Ferrari Challenge (Ferrari Only bodies)
-GT1 Le Mans (Long Tail McLaren, Short Tail McLaren, Corvette C5R, Porsche GT1 LM)
-Le Mans Classics (Sauber C9, Mazda 787B, Nissan R390, Posche 962).
-Mosler Challenge

B. Modified Classes can be chosen from the above, or run in more traditional racing formats.

3.Chassis Limitations:
A. Chassis choice is free so long as the club decides to do so for the specific category. For example, AWD and 2WD can run together, if the club allows it. The classes may also be run apart if this is what is deemed best for the series. Any manufacturer’s chassis will be accepted so long as they run Kyosho/TRP/R246 bodies. For the Pan Car classes, Lexan or Plastic is allowed.

4.Racing Structure:
A. Qualifiers will be 5 Minutes, Staggered Starts.
B. Mains will be 15 minutes in length.
C. Six Races will compose a series. The Five BEST Results will be taken.
-Tie breaker will be the dropped race, followed by most 1st place finishes, 2nd place finishes, 3rd place finishes and so forth.
D. Each category will have an independent points table, of which points will be assigned in the following manner:

1st - 120 pts
2nd -115 pts
3rd -110pts
4th - 105
5th -100
6th - 95
7th - 90
8th -85
9th - 80
10th - 75
11th - 70
12th - 65
13th - 60
14th - 55
15th - 50
16th – 45
17th – 40
18th – 35
19th -30
20th- 25
21st – 20
22nd - 15
23rd- 10
24th – 5
25th and on – 1

Top Qualifier – 4 pts

5. Results Tracking:
Each club will be responsible of opening up their own blog page and/or provide us a link with the results page of their individual club. In this page, the results and points table must be reported after each series event. It will be each club’s responsibility to keep the stats current to each club. If these stats are not kept current, the series winners will not be eligible for the discounts and prizes provided by Reflex Racing.

How to participate:

Tell your club/track owner in charge to contact us at: contact@reflexracing.net. We will then provide them with the instructions on how to proceed with the participation of the class.

The classes we will be running will be any Ferrari body with a stock 70T motor. The 70T motor class will be the Reflex Racing Club series. We will also be running Mod and a 90mm wheelbase class. Both Mod and 90mm are a open motor class. The entry fee will be $10 for one class and $15 total if you want to run all three classes. We would like to start by 2PM.

I know nothing about setting up a blog or keeping up with it so I am looking for someone that would like to take this on. I have heard that you can set blogs up for free on Google? Please contact me with any questions.

Hope to see you there. Thanks Mike Keely

2011.03.20, 01:30 PM
copied post here and now sticky. please use this thread for discussing the series here.

Mike Keely
2011.03.20, 01:54 PM
Thanks Ray. Will you and any of the HW crew be coming to these races?

2011.03.20, 01:58 PM
you can count me in. just have to make sure the race fee's are in my budget.

2011.03.25, 09:17 PM
i know mike is getting there around 9am, what time is all this starting? not much has really been posted on this series other than the rr rules.

2011.03.25, 09:30 PM
Mike said he would be there at 9:30. Mike gee and I am planning on being there at the same time to setup. Track should be up by 10:30 for practice and we were planning to start the racing around 1-2 depending on the number of people.

We will be running three classes. Stock, mod and 90mm. Mod and 90mm are open classes as far as motors and bodies go. 90mm class has to be 90mm bodies only.

The stock class is going to be the reflex series class. For the class you have to use a 70t motor and a Ferrari body. Any Ferrari body is allowed. We had to setup an actual spec series so we thought that a Ferrari based class would be good since most of us run one anyways.

2011.03.25, 09:33 PM
90mm and ferrari class are great. if you have the time, i need some setup advise on getting the hop and chatter out of my 240z. same setup as the cooper but it chatters more. i keep suggesting a narrow wing to rr ;)

Mimi The Track
2011.03.26, 02:46 PM
Thank you to Mike K., Mr. Gary, Matt and many more.......

2011.03.26, 10:42 PM
had a great time today. sorry we couldn't run 90mm but i did get to dust off my mod car for the first time in a very long time.

also sorry i missed the mod a main. i was already hours late so had to duck out after wrapping up mod b main.

lets hope winter is done with by next month:p

2011.03.26, 11:18 PM
I'll work on a write up for the blog, ill post it here when im done

2011.03.26, 11:52 PM
Keely or arch, you think you could fill in the B-Main? I didnt catch it, I know arch was in it and Keely saw most of it I think

2011.03.27, 12:35 AM
stock b main
1st me, 118 laps

2nd Melvin, 10? laps

3rd Gary Sr, ? laps

Mike Keely
2011.03.27, 04:18 PM
Arch got off to a great start and never looked back. He had a 9 lap lead at the end of the 15 minute main over Melvin. Arch's fast laps where in the 7.1 range.

Melvin and Gary battled back and forth through 80% of the main. Melvin's body came off giving Gary a two lap lead and I thought that Gary had second place wrapped up but Gary's came off a few laps later putting both of them back on the same lap. After about 12 minutes Gary's body came off again and Melvin sealed the second place spot after that. Gary ended up 2 laps down from Melvin.

2011.03.27, 09:24 PM
Mini-Z Mod, A Main (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn6VLD6MnEg)

Mini-Z Mod, B Main (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bNgJ2cjO_Y)

all video's courtesy of bbecker on rtech