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2011.03.22, 01:42 PM

I recently purchased a kyosho light kit from a well known auction site.
Sadly, this kit is burned. Seller sent me back my money so it's not really a problem.

So here's the question:
Does anyone know where I can find the fried component in order to make it functionnal? If so, do you think this kit may be saved?

It's a square component with one full side soldered and the other has two big legs. It's marqued "91 330" then "54 3H"

Here are pics of the fried kit. The second red zone is a fried zone that should be by-passed via a wire or anything else due to overheating.

2011.03.27, 05:07 AM

No one to help me?

2011.07.10, 02:40 PM
Looks like a voltage regulator.

The package is called a D-pak.

You need to find out what the output voltage was on this guy because they were probably running a low drop out regulator because the mini-z packs are 5.5-6V. Most regular 5 volt regulators will need a supply of more than that.

So figure out if it was running the micro at 3.3V or 5 and you can choose accordingly.

This is NOT THE RIGHT PART, but you need something similar!



the 330 in the part really makes me think it might be a 3.3V fixed regulator!

good luck


2011.07.10, 10:28 PM
Are you sure that regulator is fried?
That trace to the right of it in your bottom photo might be open and
that may be the cause of your trouble

2011.07.11, 09:39 AM

Thanks for your input guys.
The supposed regulator is fried. On the other side, you can see decoloration/burn trace under it. In fact the component has heated so much the solder point on the side of the component has melted.

As I'm not very good at those kind of electronics repair, I prefer to get a good advice before tempting a possible resurection.