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2011.03.23, 08:45 PM
i know it's been discussed before but i couldn't find any clear threads on it, how does one travel with mini-z pit gear in this crazy airport security time? i hope to be traveling by plane soon and taking enough pit stuff to race with and want to make sure i'm not shot at the check point.

Mike Keely
2011.03.23, 08:55 PM
I have heard of some guys shipping it ahead of time to the hobby shop. Then the shop owner holds it for you until the race.

2011.03.23, 08:56 PM
I kept my car and radio with me in my controller bag, which was placed in my northface backpack. I feel that these are the most valuable items, so taking these as carry-ons are good. Then I take my chargers and toolbox (parts and tools) and place them with my luggage.

When I traveled to the PNWC in Myrtle Beach, I forgot to take my batts out of my carry on. The lady just had me open my backpack and she wiped them down to see if they were a weapon lol :)

2011.03.23, 09:39 PM
way back i got to carry on a car and a simple tx... (makes up for waiting in the airport waiting area and does tend to strike up some conversation with interested people)...

these days... to avoid all the hassle... i would suggest packing them carefully and checking everything in... haven't had any experience of missing / loosing any luggage... so i guess i'm pretty lucky... but if you are a bit warry... i guess you could take blt456's suggestion to try and carry on the most valuable/expensive items to be on the safe side... and checking in the rest... tools, parts, chargers etc., etc...

shipping it ahead to the venue via a reliable courier seems like a pretty good idea too...

hope this helps... :D

2011.04.06, 09:56 PM
What are the rules for batteries? I plan on taking my transmitter and cars but not sure if they will want me to turn on the tx like they do with laptops. Tools, batteries and charger are getting checked.

2011.04.06, 10:08 PM
I brought mine in my backpack as a carry on. I think they might use some sort of wipe to detect a chemical or something. At least that's what the security person did to me in Myrtle Beach. :p

I kept my battery in my 3pk. They didn't even ask me about it.

2011.04.07, 09:56 AM
I have flown a few times, and will be flying tomorrow morning to N. Carolina... What I do, is pack all tools/liquids and spare parts in one bag (fit a small toolbox inside of a North Face backpack). This bag I check. I pack my cars, chargers and batteries in my carry on. I want to be sure that in case there are any issues with my checked luggage (put on the wrong plane, etc) that I can still race...

75% of the time, they take my carry on, open it and wipe the TX and chargers down, longest it has taken is 3-5 minutes. I try to pack so that it is easy to open and have them go through it. The most important thing is to make sure that you dont have liquids or tools in the carry on. I typically remove the batteries from the radio, especially because if the radio turns on in the overhead bin, and people hear constant beeping, they may think that its a countdown to boom...

2011.04.07, 10:09 AM
I normally put my cars, radio, chargers, power supply, batteries and some important parts in the carry on. I've never even had them open it before, sometimes they run it back and forth through the x ray. I thought i would always get nailed considering my batteries are stored in a 100 round bullet case. Like everyone else said, tools liquids and everything else goes in my checked bag. Nothing fragile though, there ruff on tye bag especially if it heavy. I used a plastic tool box once and they cracked both handles on it. My checked bag gets looked through almost everytime.

2011.04.07, 01:56 PM
I travel with my mini zs almost everywhere I go for work. I put it in checked luggage. I use rubbermaid heavy duty plastic shoe boxes inside my luggage or toolbox. I used to use a KT 18 as my travel remote but it finally died. Now im using a KOPropo UR1. It is small and takes up less space. The thing to remember when traveling..keep it simple. By the way I have traveled about 500,000 miles with my mini z s and my baggage was only lost twice...
Reality is the bags were delayed. If you decide to bring them as carry on you have to watch out for inconsiderate people who will jam your bag in the overhead possibly breaking things inside of your carry on.

2011.04.07, 04:17 PM
If you decide to bring them as carry on you have to watch out for inconsiderate people who will jam your bag in the overhead possibly breaking things inside of your carry on.

I usually put it under the seat ;)

2011.04.07, 04:18 PM
exactly what i was planning to do as well.