View Full Version : Washington DC GTG Stickers

2011.03.27, 07:42 PM
Davey G has setup DC GTG logo sheets that are available for purchase. as soon as he posts the proof, i'll copy it over here.

you can email Dave (dgraboski1176@optonline.net)to request your sheets.


2011.03.30, 06:46 PM
i have 1 full sheet coming which i'm happy to portion out to those interested. just need to recoup the cost minus my share of the sheet. you can also order the sheet right from dave if you wish.


2011.04.01, 09:34 PM
ok, i have 7 individual sheets which have 6 black and 6 white logos each. i'll sell them at $3.60 a sheet (at cost) or you can order a full set from dave. they are sized to fit the front hood and roof perfectly or if there are large areas on the doors, it could work well.

2011.04.01, 09:39 PM
david these look great...u always do a great job on pitboards,bodies,and other graphics...