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2011.03.28, 07:49 AM
Hey all,

I'm having trouble keeping consistent grip on rear tires. New trued foams (25deg) work extremely well on our track (RCP) but they lose traction gradually and after a 2 hour session they start to slip.

My experience with rubber rears is limited. I've tried 6 and 8 deg PN radials (with 8d pn fronts and 30d kyosho fronts) but the rear is much slippier than with the foams.

The real question is: do you pro guys true your rubber/foam tires or clean them somehow tome make them grippier? I've just been trying to google this stuff and read somewhere that thinner works? Anyone tried that?

I feel buying a hudy truer would just make me use lots of tires really fast if i true them down every time they start to lose grip. Foams are better for this i guess as they have more to grid from.

2011.03.28, 10:41 AM
i have always had great success running the reflex ssg rears on rcp tracks with limited traction... the ones witht the 4 grooves... the ones with the 2 grooves on the outside work very well too.. they take a few laps to break in but they will last you a while... you shouldnt find the need to true the rears with these tires...

on standard grade traction tracks the pn 6's or 8's or the kyosho 20 slickes or treaded always work well too..

2011.03.28, 11:57 AM
Seems like your track has little grip. I used to use Reflex SSG rear 2wd tires (4 grooves) and PN 8* slick fronts.

Now my track has about medium grip and I use kyosho 20* slick rears and PN 8* slick fronts trued down to 22.7mm for my mod and stock cars.

I would give the kyosho rear tires a shot. For $9.00 you get two pairs and they last a long time with my mod car, so if you run stock they last very long :)

You might want to get a tire truer, or you can just get the pn racing 18mm delrin front rims (a pair or two) and just mount brand new tires on, and the tires will just need to be broken in while driving on the track. Foam tires sometimes need traction compound (I used jack the gripper at this one old track since it had "0" grip). I wouldn't bother with the foams anymore and just go straight to the reflex or kyosho rear tires. Also use kyosho tire tape for the rears, it holds the tire on the best without needing glue.

2011.03.28, 12:47 PM
What tires do the other racers use that work well? Typically when everyone uses similar tires, the rubber gets laid into the track and grip starts to go up for those tires.

In general, I find that the Kyosho 20d rear radial tires work best at most RCP tracks.

As Junior stated, the Reflex SSG tires work well for low-mid temperatures on RCP. With higher temperatures, they lose a little grip. The 4 groove work better for lower temperature/humidity, 2 groove better for higher temperature/humidity.

I suggest getting a bunch of rear tires and seeing what works best for your track and setup. You may not be able to meet the grip of the foams when new, but you may be able to find a more consistent tire for the long run. You may want to consider Kyosho LM rear tires. True them flat (or just run them in for a little while) and you have what I consider the longest lasting rear tire. It doesnt have the outright grip of the Kyosho 20d radial, but it is pretty close and lasts a really long time. You may have to change your gearing between new/midlife/worn... as the rollout will change a good deal.

2011.03.28, 02:13 PM
also investing in a atomic tire warmer would not be a bad investment either.. i use it every week... and the track owner would greatly appreciate it too as you wont have the need to goop the tires and potentially ruin the shops track..

some tracks i just warm the rear tires... others i do both..

2011.03.28, 03:53 PM
Kyosho 20 LM rears, trued flat, and then put 4 grooves into it. With a truer (your own or borrowed) you can do a lot of things to make these little cars hook up. :)

2011.03.29, 07:36 AM
Most people at the track use foam rears, the same ones i have. Everyone else has a mr03 and most use a RM (porsches + some longtain mclarens) and they swear by it. I find it weird that the rear mount (versus my gimbaled/pn 94-98 mounts) would give more rear traction. Sure it moves the weight back but you'd think with the rear swinging around it'd get a whole lot more edgy to drive.

The track is in a shopping mall on the parking level so the temperature is somewhere between 16-20 degrees celcius at all times. This being finland the air is really dry.

The reflex ssg tires sound like something worth a shot. They're these (http://www.minirc.com/on-road-rc-cars/128-kyosho-mini-z-1/parts-upgrades-2/tyres/rx1117-ssg-2wd-tyres) right?
Edit: i've been trying to get my hands on kyosho 20d rears but everywhere i'm used to ordering from is out of stock. Will try to get some from somewhere though.

Since the pn 6 rears haven't worked i thought i'd give them a little home-made truing. Put some sandpaper on the table and slowly lowered the cars rear tires on to it with full throttle. One set i removed all the treads, on the other i left some on. They seem a lot stickier now but i'll see tonight how they actually work.

Thanks again guys for the great help!

2011.03.29, 07:41 AM
thats them.. .describing your track conditions these should work very well for you...

2011.03.30, 03:11 AM
All troubles solved!

The track got it's long awaited first shipment of stuff ordered from overseas and in it was a shiny new ko propo eurus ex-10 and some lovely sticky kyosho 20d rears!

In a quick 2 hour session i destroyed my old best lap with the stock car and am now 0.1 seconds away from the current stock record.

The eurus is game changing! It's better than expected and i can't put into words how content i am with it.

I'm a happy man!